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  1. Well I dont know where to exactly put the code. In the beginning middle or end? I put the code exactly how it was in the w3 tutorial, except I changed the bacground to the one i have. Do yu need me to post the code?
  2. I dont know myabe I am doing something wrong. I insert the code and the box comes up like in the tutorial but the opacity is not showing
  3. I tried it but seems like the gray background is not be coming transparent
  4. Im trying to add a text field to my website. I wanted to give a gray color but I wanted to faded 50%. I went to the tutorial on this site my only question is where do I insert the code??Here is the code I dound on this site:<html><head><style type="text/css">div.background{width:500px;height:250px;background:url(klematis.jpg) repeat;border:2px solid black;}div.transbox{width:400px;height:180px;margin:30px 50px;background-color:#ffffff;border:1px solid black;/* for IE */filter:alpha(opacity=60);/* CSS3 standard */opacity:0.6;}div.transbox p{margin:30px 40px;font-weight:bold;co
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