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  1. I see, that's clearer now. Thank you. I keep the HTTP header sever side in mind until I reach the PHP w3s tutorial.
  2. Ingolme, boen_robot, thanks for your answers. do you mean UTF-8 is better than UTF-16 or the opposite? I am completing the w3s HTML tutorial advanced. I have done the topic about META tag. It does not go into details. Could you, or Ingolme, show me how to tag correctly the meta + HTTP header with the encoding information in an example? Thank you in advanced. I see, so it makes sens to use either utf-8, either utf-16 (I have never seen a utf-16 encoded web page yet, though, probably for the reasons cited by Inglome - larger size than UTF-8 to display roman characters).
  3. This is a general question. What is the best choice and why? <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"> or <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-16"> (what difference -- more practical than technical, or I might not understand -- between utf-8 and utf-16?or <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1"> On a w3s page says: But what's a HTML 4 processors? is it the browser engine?
  4. Is the site in maintenance?Thursday, June 10 2010 - 18:38 (JST)
  5. Case solved.I have fixed my table by splitting it by section, and comparing each block.it was indeed redundant pairs of <tr></tr> tags, and wrong rowspan values to balance the table with the redundant tags.the W3C HTML check was not returning an error because opening and closing tags were corrects.
  6. Line 51 on the page is Line 8 here: <td rowspan="9">. I believe the correct value should be "8". So, something wrong here. If I use the "8" value the table breaks. With value "9" the upper table suffer alignment problem. <!-- web topics by languages --> <table border="5" align="center" frame="vsides" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3" width="80%"> <tr> <th colspan="3"> WEB TOPICS </th> </tr> <tr> <td rowspan="9"> HTML & CSS tutorials </td> </tr> <tr> <td rowspan="2"> HTML </td> <td style="back
  7. Even on Win there are excellent available solutions for people concern by their security. I give some you surely might know.- http://www.sandboxie.com/ (free sandbox)- http://www.virustotal.com/ (online-scan)- http://virusscan.jotti.org/en (online-scan)And you might all have up to date anti-virus. I am on the forum to ask assistance. I created an archive with a clear description (.jpg + .html--HMTL tags only) and I explained why (no file upload on the board). I have already 32 posts mainly to ask beginners questions and some of you here already answered. What are the odds I use a forum channel
  8. thank you for your answer. So you confirm there is no error in the HTML tags on my end? and nothing to correct? I might need to split one big table into 2 or 3 maybe? Lastly, could the output be different according to the browser, or not?
  9. Can you help me sort this out?Look at the print screen, point 1, and point 2: the table does not align correctly. Can you explain me why?I enclose a print-screen and the .html file in a zip file, link: HTML files and Print Screen , since we cannot upload files on the board. I have checked several times and tried with different rowspan="" attribute values, but not to avail. What bothers me is: when the correct value should be "8".The .html table is too big to past its content in "code" on this post, however I link the print-screen in the ZIP archive, on the post below:Thank you the an expert
  10. I will sure keep this in mind, XHTML tutorial come just after the HTML tutorial and before the CSS tutorial.Out of topic: can you change the default font or the board? Your answer has a (e.g. |font="courier"|text|/font|) but the board uses simple text on my end. I don't see an font selection in the board settings either? Thanks.
  11. First question cleared, thank you chibineku.What about Radio/Checkbox forms: VALUE attribute? anyone
  12. The HTML Basic Forms chapter:Can you break down some attributes for me, I don't understand their purpose?All the forms (drop-box, text field, radio, checkbox, etc.): NAME attributeI don't understand the purpose of the name attribute- it does not appear anywhere on the form- is it related to the server-side (different tutorial/later chapter)?- are small letters mandatory?- can I omit it?Radio/Checkbox forms: VALUE attribueWhy these 2 forms need a value attribute?- it does not give any special indication on screen- is it related to the server-side (different tutorial/later chapter)- are small le
  13. Bluefish 2.0 available on Debian.I disable the auto-completion feature to learn, or I use Gedit.
  14. Thank you. I have corrected my typo columns => cols.
  15. ColorScheme designer on on Linux (GNOME)Agave:http://home.gna.org/colorscheme/
  16. <textarea columns="1000000" rows="30">Some text</textarea> If I change the value "rows" +/-, the text box increases/decreases in heightIf I change the value "columns" +/-, the text box does not increase/decrease in width, why? and how do I do to have a wider textarea using HTML (I don't do CSS yet)?
  17. It sure will. It's premature to have "my pages". I just reproduce the examples on the tutorial and some elements stack to each other (e.g. the tables), I used to space them using <p></p>, I know now that's not proper. So <br /> should fit the bill until I reach the CSS tutorial. Thanks for your concern anyway.
  18. yes, it helps. Thanks to both of you.Synook, since you have experienced writing HTML, do you still use a tag/line or only for some type of tags? When I look at the code of the page, the tags are usually on a single line to save space, I guess. On the other hand it hard to read (as dink says)
  19. Ding thanks for the link. That will help.
  20. I have specified in the topic's title" HTML Basic Tutorial (W3S)". That's what I am doing now. I guess my option to separate the HTML table examples in my workbook is <br /> instead of <p>, until I reach the CSS tutorial. I see, so table and lists. <img> however is not a block elements, is that correct?
  21. One more thing, what is the correct way to separate 2 contiguous tables or lists? to use a <br /> tag?Edit: or to add some empty space between a <p> and a <table>?+ How do I know when a HTML topic I study relates to a block level elements or not? Is there a list of block elements?
  22. It visually clearer for me at the moment to write one tag per line, although it lengthens every page. <p>Some text<a href=""></a>Some text</p>vs.<p>some text <a href=""></a> Some text</p> Is there any "best practice" (if any) for HTML tag layout on HTML page? This question also applies to HTML tag indents. I use indents for tables and lists, so far: One indent for each sub-level. <table>-<tr>--<td>--</td>--</tr></table> If you have some link reference or general advice, I glad to read you.
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