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  1. It doesnt do anything in Opera.Just displays the buttons, when you click...nothing!
  2. so i did!I have sorted the error on 59But the HTML page doesnt display the content.I click on the buttons and it says "error on page" in the corner.The message states: Line: xChar: 1Error: Object ExpectedURL:http://edgeorgetest.110mb.com/cameras.html (where x depends on which button i press!)
  3. Hello everyone.I copied this code out of a book because I wanted to make it my own!However it all doesnt seem to work!I have the following files:cameras.xsdcameras.xmlcameras.htmlcameras.js1.jpg2.pngThe Xml file has the deatails of the cameras.The Html files has tables with buttonsThe javascript performs the fucnctions the buttons are going to perform by refrencing the html.I dont know what the Xsd file does!if you go to http://edgeorgetest.110mb.com/FILENAME (replacing FILENAME with any of the aforementioned flies) you can see for your selfThe Html page doesnt seem to do what i want it too and im not sure why!Here is my javascript code // JavaScript Document Created By Ed Georgeif(!document.all)location="cameras.html";var xmlDoc=new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLDOM");xmlDoc.async="false";xmlDoc.load("cameras.xml");if (xmlDoc.parseError != 0){ var msg="<p><b>ERROR</b>"; msg+="<br/> Error In File: "+xmlDoc.parseError.url; msg+="<br/> Error On Line: "+xmlDoc.parseError.line; msg+="<br/> Error Code: "+xmlDoc.parseError.errorCode; msg+="<br/> Error Reason: "+xmlDoc.parseError.reason; document.write(msg+"</p>");}else if(xmlDoc.documentElement.hasChildNodes){ var makes=xmlDoc.getElementByTagName("make"); var models=xmlDoc.getElementByTagName("model"); var codes=xmlDoc.getElementByTagName("code"); var resolutions=xmlDoc.getElementByTagName("res"); var images=xmlDoc.getElementByTagName("img"); var prices=xmlDoc.getElementByTagName("price"); function getMake(i) {return makes.item(i) .text} function getModel(i) {return models.item(i) .text} function getCode(i) {return codes.item(i) .text} function getRes(i) {return resoloutions.item(i) .text} function getImg(i) {return images.item(i) .text} function getPrice(i) {return prices.item(i) .text} function showPix() { var list="<table width='390px' border='1px' cellspacing='0px'><tr>"; for(var i=0; i< makes.lenght; i++) { list+="<td>"+getMake(i)+"<br/> "+getModel(i)+"<br/>"; list+="<img src='"+getImg(i)+"'></td>"; if((i+1)%3==0)list+="</tr><tr>"; } list+="</tr></table>"; sho.innerHTML=list; } function range(str) { var list="<table width='390px' border='1px' cellspacing='0px' cellpadding='5px'>"; for(var i=0; i< makes.lenght; i++) { var condition= (str=="Over") ? (getPrice(i) > 500) : (getPrice(i) < 500); if (condition) { list+="<tr><td style='text-align:center'> <img src='"+getImg(i)+"'></td>"; list+="<td>"+getMake(i)+"<br/> "+getModel(i)+"<br/>"; list+=getCode(i)+"<br/>"+getRes(i)+"million pixels<br/>"; list+="<b>£"+getPrice(i)+"</b></td></tr>"; } } list+="</table>"; sho.innerHTML=list; } function listAll(str) { var list="<caption>"+str+" List</caption>"; list+="<table width='390px' border='1px' cellspacing='0px'>"; list+="<tr><th>Make</th></tr>"; for(var i=0; i< makes.lenght; i++) { list+=(((i+1)%2)==0) ? "<tr style='background:silver'>" : "<tr style='background:white'>"; list+="<td>"+getMake(i)+"</td>"; //editedabove^^ list+="<td>"+getModel(i)+"</td>"; if(str=="Code")list+="<td style='align:center'>"+getCode(i)+"</td>"; if(str=="Price")list+="<td style='align:center'>"+getPrice(i)+"</td>"; if(str=="Resolution")list+="<td style='align:center'>"+getRes(i)+" million pixels</td>"; list+="</tr>"; } list+="</table>"; sho.innerHTML=list; }} can any one see an obvious problem?I hope you can help.Ed x
  4. lol.I think i answered my own question though.I am using XP (obviosuly...) and i dont one of the commands is recognised in XP.Maybe i should dig up my old Win 95 :)Anyway i still need help!!!Thanks.ed x
  5. Hey Guys,Firstly I am sorry that this is in the wrong board but i didnt know where to put it! (There isnt a batch files board )I guess I put it in Java as the people that read this must be quite clever :)AND i have no idea what programming language its in?Anyway, Im sure all you guys remember batch files.I thought i would make one to scare my brother... @echo offECHO 1. Learn More...ECHO 2. Go to Internet. (default)ECHO 3. Version.ECHO 4. Quit.CHOICE /C:1234 /N /T:2,5 Please choose a menu option.IF ERRORLEVEL == 4 GOTO QUIT_MENUIF ERRORLEVEL == 3 GOTO VERIF ERRORLEVEL == 2 GOTO RUN_INTIF ERRORLEVEL == 1 GOTO LEARN:LEARNECHO Websense Co. MS-DOS Parental ControlECHO UK EditionECHO To uninstall please contact adminastrator:RUN_INTSTART /MAX iexplore:VERECHO Version 3.12 - Updated on 09/03/07:QUIT_MENUECHO It is now safe to exit this program But it doesnt work when i open it...I cant tell whats up...al the other batch files i have made have worked perfectly...thanks for your time!Ed x
  6. funkyjunky


    Hey again everyone.Now im REALLY out of my depth.I want to create a system to make commenting possible on posts in my news page.I know I will need a SQL database (My host provideds one) and PHP script...How should I start!!
  7. funkyjunky

    Image Viewer?!

    Hi guys.Ok I know what im looking for because ive seen it before!Basically I want to know the name of/find a gallery of thumbnail images, that when clicked, first display a loading image and then the full image within the browser.Does this make sense?Ive googled everywhere and cant really describe what im looking for.I need a tutorial on how to create one!Many thanks.Ed xx
  8. Im lost!You want to change a colour of a bitmap? or a background (but not the bitmap's)I know how to change a background but thats about it!-----------------------If you wanted to change a backgound of an imagefor example: To turn this images background in flash i would first open flashFile> Import > Import To Stage (Ctrl+G) > heykids2.png > OKI would then trace the bitmap.Modify > Bitmap > Trace Bitmap > From there i would then choose 1, 1, 100 and pixels as my settings but this is up too you.When the computer has FINALLY decided to complete the trace i would select all the white area and press F8 to convert it to a movie clip.Call the movie clip "colors" and the instance name "shape" (no " 's)Then make a button with the fill the color you want the shaoe to change too...for example Red.Then paste the following code into the buttons on (release) {var colorful = new Color("_root.shape");colorful.setRGB(0xFF0000);} Now to edit this code to create different colors you will need to change the (0xFF0000); as FF0000 - Is the Hex Code for Red.To make the shape turn blue use this code on a new button: on (release) {var colorful = new Color("_root.shape");colorful.setRGB(0x0000FF);} Test your movie to see if this has worked.
  9. funkyjunky

    Web Cam

    Ahhh newgrounds http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/326194 - very simple tutorialhttp://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/364528 - better tutorial
  10. Actionscript is the programming language which flash uses to do basic and advance processes.I suggests you google actionscript.Go to actionscript.org to learn more :)then come back and learn!!Ed x
  11. This is due to a dispute between microsoft and some company (who i forget) who sued microsoft. The result was the click here to activate this control.There ARE ways of getting rid of it but these take time and are VERY complicated...but my advice is...Firefox :)Edxxx
  12. Google it?Ok i will!http://www.flash-db.com/rss/ - Good Site!http://www.thegoldenmean.com/technique/rssReader01.html - Also good :)Ed
  13. ^ No...all you need is Flash...You do have flash right!!...:)If you dont have it (which would be the OBVIOUS major problem at the moment) Go to:...oh...hang on due to the forthcoming release of Flash CS3 you cant download a trial! :)Basically what smiles was explaining (very well!) was that you would need to use Actionscript to enable to do what you want to do!Ed
  14. Do wou want to pop-up a website or a flash movie?
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