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  1. Thanks real_illusionsthickbox looked like it might work but then I saw some other 'boxes' at the top of the page. I figured these were all variations or clones of lightbox so I just did a quick google search for "lightbox pdf" and voila, I found bumpbox. It's looks similar to thickbox (I don't really know whatt's inside the script files of either) and it did the trick http://www.artviper.net/website-tools/bumpbox-lightbox.phpThanks for you help guys.
  2. Nah... they're long essays and it would be a pain in the *** (is that word allowed here?) to manually do even if I used a script (which I don't even begin to understand). Besides my container is only 400px wide and it just doesn't look right seeing a long essay crammed into such a small space. PDF sounds good if I could find a way to nicely embed it.You guys ever heard of a lightbox image gallery? Would it be possible to do something like that where a dynamic popup window opens and there's a PDF embedded inside?
  3. Disclaimer: I'm a total n00b, chances are I won't understand what you tell me so please dumb it downI'm currently working on a project for my English class. There are about 30 people in the class and they all have essays about 15-20 pages in length (MSFT Word, 12-pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced, etc, etc) I have to add all of their essays in the website when you click on a link of their nameI tried just copying and pasting the entire essay between <p></p> and man was it UUUUUUUGGGGGGLYY! First of all my container is only about 400 px wide and it was all squished together. On top of that no paragraph breaks, no indention, no coherency.Is there code which can make a dynamic Javascript or DHTML popup which displays the essays with the same formatting they have in MSFT Word? Or perhaps even PDF?Again I'm a total n00b and have no idea how to do most things.
  4. Hey guys I'm Squishy Crayons. I would've posted earlier but it took me FOREVER to get the validation link in my emailAnyways, I'm a computer science major at LSU. I don't really know much about HTML and CSS besides going through the tutorials on w3schools. I want to learn it cuz it seems pretty cool and helpful. I'm here right now because I took on a project to build a website and man was it tough. It took me an eternity just to create a simple little website.I hope to post here often (mostly for help though) but maybe somebody I will teach other n00bs a thing or two
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