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  1. hey all, i started to learn Xml on my course i'm doing and it's not sinking in my head. >_< I do not see the point in it.What would you use it for? Cause my course book all it seems to be is things like forms. for Price forms, Sales forms. I understand its a Data File Correct.Is there any way I can understand the coding easier? that will help it sink in my head better.these are the topics, in my book i'm learning Creating an XML Document - I think i understand the elements, thats like <FirstName>Alex</FirstName> Validating an XML Document - don't really understand this Formatting and Transforming XML Documents - I understand this a little. with the CSS and Html. Linking XML Documents - don't really Understand this Accessing XML Documents - don't really understand this Also, in the book it tells me sometimes to open a XML file in a browser, well IE will not open it. So if anyone can help me that would be great, as i have to do a online test for this and i do not feel confident with it. >_<Thanks
  2. moodey-aimee

    Css Help!

    Hey when i get home from work ill check and paste them here for you to see. Thanks
  3. When i get to starting my javascript workbook ill check it out maybe lol. i have to my course work in free time when im not working.
  4. Hello, i have been Studying web design now for over a year, at the begining i only had the faint knowledge of Html and nothing really more, now i know Html and CSS, i could still learn more, as its still not all sunk in yet, IF there are any other Begininers noobs, Come chat here, would be nice to talk to others at the same level as me ^^ Thanks
  5. moodey-aimee


    Hello, I got this book called, Html (Xhtml) and Css for dummies, i think will be good, there's also this other one i got just for CSS, which ill have to check the name off. ^^ check out Amazon for the books.
  6. Thanks, I feel really thick and stupid sometimes, This is what my first website with css looks like, i did it for my course, static website assignmentPhotographs of Nature
  7. moodey-aimee

    Css Help!

    I think i manged to get my CCS style sheet to validate, But i cant Get the html to, i need a bit of help with it. some parts i dont understand when it says errors. could you help me please
  8. Ah ok. that sounds Really Hard to understand. it took my ages to learn CSS and there's still bits i dont understand >_<
  9. moodey-aimee

    Css Help!

    What does that mean O_o
  10. moodey-aimee

    Css Help!

    Hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me, My site i built - http://www.bedfordshire-anime.webs.com/I have 3 problems with it.1) My navigation is messed up on IE 8.0.7600.16385, and i don't know what to do to fix it. Its fine on the other browsers and Some Versions of IE 8, its Centered2) Gallery, I wanted my Highslide Gallery Centered in the middle of the Content div. which i cant seem to get right. its messed up on IE, as u can see in the image at the bottem its Centered but not Center in the Content div tag, which is what i want it to be, with my Side menu. theres a drawing below also for this. 3) The Side menu has completly messed up. whiles on IE it looks fine, on Google chrome its gone. the Gallery has like Gone Center of the screen and there not really a side menu no more, if you look on the home page you can see its kina right on there but it still looks wrong.Now i have a image of what i wanted the site layout to look like here:Below are images of whats happened to the Navigation on IE 8.0.7600.16385, It seems to just be some versions of 8, and you can also see the Gallery is messed up on IE 8 too.So please help thanks ^^
  11. Hello, I have Firefox, IE, and Chrome. i normally Use chrome. Could someone explain in simple what javascript is actually for in Web Design, and why i have to learn it, What do you do with it?I know you can make Galleries with it, like the highslide gallery uses it.
  12. Hello, I am learning at home, doing a home Study course, with the National IT learning center. So i just go through my Books, and i have to start javascript soon, and i dont have any clue what so ever about it, or understand.@deirdre's Dad, sorry but i don't have a clue what your talking about at the min. lol@thescientist I am learning at home from my Books, i payed for my course with there like work books yuo have to work through. Ive done, my Html books, Css book, Photoshop, and im just finishing of my Photoshop printing book, then i have to start Javascript and after that XML.So any help will be Aprechated thanks ^^
  13. ok, i am just about to learn this, and i aint got a clue, i have my course book i have to go through and i am probley going to get stuck along the way, so if anyone can help me that will be great. ^^
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