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  1. Ok, so here is what I'm trying to accomplish. An internal "window" for a photo gallery. I want to style it with a custom background, border, and even sliders. I don't want default sliders like our browser windows have, I would like something more simple (i.e triangles/arrows pointing opposite each other on the left and right of the main gallery area), but I want the same fluid motion. I would prefer it not to have a blocky, frame by frame type of scrolling. In fact if at all possible I would like to the window to center on a picture as it rolls by, to give it focus for the viewer. What language/languages could I accomplish all this with?I'm fairly certain that I will be making the scrollers simple buttons with Adobe Fireworks, and I know how to implement them easy enough. It's mainly the gallery part that I'm not sure how to make and customize.
  2. Oh I sincerely doubt it lol.Ok, well come to find out I didn't have ANY of the code in the <body> tag. I'm unsure of how I missed that, I've never not put code in there before. Somehow I just missed it on this one.
  3. I'm still too much of a newb to give you advice and such, but one thing I noticed right off the bat was home page load speed. I clocked about a 5-6 sec load speed for old version. New version, less then 2 sec. That's a very nice change in my eyes
  4. You know I've got to give my props to whoever is keeping this going. Thanks for such a great reference, and helping a newby like me get into the Web Design world. I will be making my donations soon enough
  5. I didn't know CSS could designate a target for links?
  6. Mod please delete this thread I figured out the problem, and I'd rather not have people find out what I did wrong
  7. Anyone ever have Dreamweaver not show you the design? I've been creating pages non stop, and all of a sudden for whatever reason, my DW is not showing the content I've created on my third page. If I turn on -Live View- it shows up just as it would in the browser, and if I bridge to the browser and open it there, it shows up fine there too. Any ideas? Is there a setting I need turned on?
  8. I see. Hmmm... this is intriguing news. I may want to change my table layout and incorporate divs. Thanks for the info Loth.
  9. So quick update. I found my alignment problem. I had an indentation for <p> elements set on an external SS. I just barely caught it, and I'm fixing it now. And I'm going to try synchronizing the widths of pictures and the table to see if that fixes the weird padding. I'm sure that's what the problem was. Thanks for the help guys, I'll give an update on here after I've made my changes.
  10. Ok so I have a confession. I have not used the div elements at all. I was under the impression web layouts were table oriented? Can the same affects be accomplished with divs? Spacing, borders etc? Like I said I'm new at this, so I've been trying to play it safe just creating tables and what not, but nonetheless I knew Galleries were able to be done with the table, so I went that direction. Could my problem with the annoying padding and strange alignment issue be countered using a div?
  11. Your right I had my <img> tag down a line after <td>. I changed that, but the result remains. To be a bit clearer I have not set <td> size to anything in specific, but for some reason instead of adjusting to fit the inserted object (in this case, the image) it is expanding outward and to the right on both pictures. Both pictures have aligned themselves to the left. Why do I have this awkward spacing? Should I set <td> size parameters to ensure exact fitting? I'm going to do that, but perhaps that's not the case?
  12. Hey guys, I'm a bit of a newby coming into web design. I'm familiar with most of it's basic functions and syntax, but unfortunately I have not mastered it, or the other web languages (css, java, javascript, flash etc). I have been studying up on the majority of CSS and HTML to get me by, and I'd like to incorporate flash/Javascript into my sites as I create them. Anyway, I'm rambling now. This is my first post so here goes:I'm having trouble with text alignment and padding in a table. I have a multi row/column table created, exactly 4 rows by 4 columns. The first row of columns are pictures, second row is a title for the picture, the next two rows follow that same pattern. Now I haven't 100% constructed this because of design procedures (pic sizing still needs to be done), but I have inserted some test pictures and text for this, to see what results I get. Now I have set the cellpadding="0px" yet my pictures both have awkward padding on what seems to be random sides. And my text is set to align="left" (NOTE:I've tried align="center" align="right" as well to see if the results vary) the text reads, "Pictures by FirstName LastName". Now the string "by FirstName LastName" aligns correctly with whatever I have set the alignment to, but the "Pictures" does not. In fact, it aligns to the right with whatever alignment I choose. I've checked the code to see if "Pictures" Is perhaps caught in some sort of <style> or other formatting tab, but it's not, it's in the proper field. Any ideas why this might be happening?
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