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  1. Hi All,I have a application security constraint that requires me to turn all GET requests into POSTS. This contraint is failing when I use a window.open. It launches a GET request for opening the window. Please provide me ways in which I may launch the windoe.open dialog and still keep the request as POST.Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi,I would like to get opinion on which approach among Pixels(pix or px), Point(pt) or Percentage(%) is the best practice, while giving widths and heights in .html files or CSS.Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I need to find out whether a token filter attaches tokens to an AJAX request? It does for an HttpRequest. But does it also do for an XMLHttpRequest?
  4. Hi all, I am trying to fix security issues in my application. For that I have used the (OWASP)CSRF guard . Its a filter by nature. It sets CSRF tokens in the requests. And tests if that token is not found for any request then it redirects the control to an error page which is confgured by the CSRFguard.properties file.Ideally control should never have traversed to the error page which is confgured by the CSRFguard.properties file.But on testing I am able to isolate some cases where it does.I am not able to debug the cause of the problem Can any one help?
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