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  1. Add frames. And I would suggest you to see the tutorial on lynda. So that you would learn more and more about Flash!
  2. Here is the code that would redirect your blog to some other blog if you want to change the URL for the old blog.This would work for blogger. I dont have any idea about all other blogging platforms. <script>var oldURL = "OLDBLOG.blogspot.com";var newURL = "NEWBLOG.blogspot.com";var url = location.href;var newURL = url.replace(document.domain,newURL);window.location = newURL</script> This code should be placed under <head> tag.
  3. If you want to place some image in your website, lets say an icon. You can take a snapshot and then put the icon on the photoshop and see how it looks, what size our required.
  4. What i we use auto wdth and height?
  5. http://webdesignersdepot.blogspot.com/2012/12/best-examples-based-random-photoshop.htmlRead this !
  6. If you visit the site echofreelance.com you can put your project there.
  7. Your logo is really nice... To make it more elegant and good looking read about web2.0 Logos.
  8. I have found yet the best way tp clearing all the temporary files is download Ccleaner of your computer.
  9. I have never even heard about such cam.
  10. marry

    Flash and the Web

    I would like to answer your second question. HTML5 is hgetting common but still I think that Flash is not died. As Some browsers still not supports HTML5 and Some people don`t know about it yet.
  11. I have got the complete help through the replies. Thanks a lot!
  12. IF you strong your learning. Then you can definitely earn. You should nicely design your site by visiting <snip>.
  13. Some times Browser settings need to be fix.
  14. marry


    You should have a single frame rate for all that.
  15. I think u should search your query on Google. I hope u will find it.
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