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  1. I'm looking to convert an old vb6 activeX control to new something new in .NET. I was wondering if it is possible to write a Windows Form Application to communicate to com devices. Then a window service to be a middle man for communication between the windows form application and a web page. Any help is appreciated, or to point me in the right direction.
  2. I have a web app that currently use an ActiveX Control to run Credit Card Devices and other perpherials. My problem comes with when ever there is a change to code for these devices I have to push out an updated ActiveX Control. In most of the environments the user don't have rights to install an update to this control.Is there a way to have a generic ActiveX so that it makes remote calls to server code to run these devices. This way I don't have to make any changes to the ActiveX. Just the code that is managed on the server.Any help or suggestion are greatly appreciated.
  3. I don't know if it would be easier to create a sql query and do a FOR XML AUTO in your query. You can format the xml in table variables.
  4. Ccssrs69

    Design question

    I don't know if this will work but try to story your color id as xml data in the colors column might need two or three columns to concatenate together. So the data would look some thing like this id 1 SKU# 24794837298 name New discription New Item meta Whatever price 1.00 images store as bit colors <xml><root><color><id>1</id><id>2</td><id>500</id></color></root></xml>
  5. Ok I know that it can be done in javascript by using eval() but I can't seemed to find what I'm looking for in VB.Net, any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks.For i As Integer = 1 To 10 If Not sUserDefined_ & i Is Nothing Then sb.Append("<COL_" & i & ">" & sUserDefined_ & i & "</COL_" & i & ">") End If NextThe sUserDefined_1 through 10 is passed in from a dll and then passed out through XML. In javascript this is accomplished as the following. for(x=1;x<10;x++){ if(eval("sUserDefined_" + x)){ //Build String } }Thanks in advance.
  6. More on the lines of tracking the machine itself. I really don't care about how many user there are, basically want to limit the computers that access the site. I also don't want a concurrent license because of being able to track the PC.
  7. Ccssrs69

    Browser error

    I don't know if it is javascript, vbscript. I'm sure your web page is think the same thing.
  8. You will need to compile a dll file then register it on your server, this is going to act as your gateway to the service and pass data back and forth. You will have to reference your service in the dll file you created. Your classic ASP pages will then make the calls to the registered dll file like so, sorry it is in vb.Dim objset obj = server.CreateObject("DLLFilename.ModuleClass")bAnswer = obj.FunctionOrSub(parameter1, parameter2)Hope this points you in the right direction.
  9. visual c++.net uses the .net framework components visual c++ doesn't
  10. I'm looking for the best possible way to do a per terminal license. Currently the web site writes a GUID to the registry every time a client computer is register with the web site. The problem that is occurring is in Window Vista, 7, and thin clients. In vista and 7 it creates a virtual store entry instead of writing to the local machine in the registry plus you need the rights to do this. I want to get completely away from writing to the registry and pull something unique to identify the computer with limited access. There are a number of possible solution to my problem, but unsure of th
  11. I'm not understanding your question what you are trying to compare. Are you trying to compare nodes, attributes or two separate xml files.
  12. First off are you even entering the for loop, use an alert to to do your debugging like so.function gheyelan(data_list) { //Debugging for data in arrayalert(data_list.length);for (var i=0;i<data_list.length;i++){//Debugging for Values in arrayalert(data_list);// get the value of the data_list (list) }}
  13. Just use a Response.write<param name ="fileName" value="<%= vid %>">
  14. Ccssrs69

    'Sys' is Undefined

    Check your event logs on the server as well as the client machine for errors.
  15. If multiple people are going to be working with the code base - your best bet is using MS Visual Studio 2005 with Team Foundation Server, this way you can check code in and out, without over writing someone changes. MS SQL 2005 will allow this as well and work with the Team Foundation Server. If you are going to use these products then you will have to be under a MS operating system.
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