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  1. End User

    Fast Calc

    This sounds like a homework problem to me.
  2. When submitted, the checkboxes will come in as an array without you having to do anything. If your checkboxes are named "box", then this:$boxlist = $_POST[box'];...will produce an array of the checkboxes named "$boxlist".
  3. I could be mistaken, but if they're integers then there won't be any values between whole numbers. An integer column won't store a value like '35.00000', it'll truncate it and store '35'. You can store a negative number, i.e. '-50', but not '-50.003'.
  4. I think this looks much, much better. Much easier on the eyes, and the red now acts as a nice accent to offset parts of the page.
  5. White text on a red background is difficult for the eye to process easily, but it (paradoxically) is also one of the more attention-getting color combinations that appear to be hard-wired into the human brain. (Think stop signs and other warning signage. The other hard-wired "alert/danger" color combo is yellow on black.)It's why you never, and I mean *never* see a book printed in white-on-red. Or red-on-black. The eye likes high contrast but also little or no color when processing text. It also likes the lighter color, whatever it is, to be the background color. For example, it's much, much easier to read a paragraph of red-on-white text than white-on-red text. It's less "tiring" on the eye/brain. For short amounts it's not a big deal, but for a whole site it's overpowering and tiring on the eyes (as well as psychologically tiring to some degree). Headers and banners in white-on-red are one thing, but to have the majority of the site in that combination is going to be overpowering to a lot of people.
  6. Textarea tags need to be closed, and no "type" is needed. They also don't take a "value" param:<textarea name="order" rows = "5" cols = "50"/>$row['order']</textarea>
  7. He wasn't asking about SEO, just what language or technology he should learn next. I think it may be a while (a year or so) before we see significant movement in canvas app development. It's still fairly new and not all browsers are caught up to it yet. I think in time it'll give Flash a good run for its money since it's much more accessible to developers than Flash.
  8. If I was going to learn Flash, that would be my intent. Not to make a web site, but to create applications. I've seen some pretty impressive Flash apps, basically the equivalent of good desktop apps on the web, accessible through a browser.
  9. How about Flash/Actionscript?
  10. End User


    Sadly this is only available on Windows platforms (according to the docs). I'd love to have this function available on Linux.
  11. Use a small intermediary script to fetch the image. Something like this (you'll need to modify it a bit). Untested, may have bugs, may cause blindness.// show_image.php// the image name $img = 'some_image.png';// create full absolute path to actual file object $fn = "/server/path/to/the/$img";// get extension$path_info = pathinfo($fn);$ext = $path_info['extension'];// show only approved filetypesif($ext == 'gif' || $ext == 'jpg' || $ext == 'jpeg' || $ext == 'png'){ // set header if($ext == "gif"){header('Content-type: image/gif');} if($ext == 'jpg'){header('Content-type: image/jpeg');} if($ext == 'jpeg'){header('Content-type: image/jpeg');} if($ext == 'png'){header('Content-type: image/png');} // stream image out to browser header('Content-transfer-encoding: binary'); header('Content-length: '.filesize($fn)); readfile($fn);} Use this by calling it from an IMG tage:<img src="show_image.php'>
  12. It's nice, but the colors are a bit daunting for me. Overall it seems well done.
  13. I'd suggest doing some of the classic beginner projects, like a guestbook or contact form, then move on to more complex projects like an image gallery or simple message board. For me the best way to learn was to grab a script and start modifying it. I found it helped a lot to start with something that already works and make changes.
  14. If you're making HTML edits it could be browser caching, but I'd bet that it's not actually saving the changes, perhaps due to a permissions issue. If you FTP the file down and look at it, are the changes actually present in the file? I'm not familiar with VS, so I may be way off base.
  15. Some coders use anonymous functions when they only require the function to be run from one particular location (instead of making a full, separate function out of it). There's some debate among programmers as to whether or not anonymous functions are a "proper" coding style, since they can make code a bit harder to puzzle out.
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