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  1. Based on the error message, it looks like CF doesn't have the ability to convert GIFs, just BMP,JPEG,PNG,PNM,and TIFFs. You could convert the GIFs to one of those formats and then store them, I suppose. FWIW, I rarely store images in a DB unless security is important, as it's a very inefficient way to do things. There's a lot of overhead in retrieving the image and converting it back to its usable form. It's often better (more efficient/faster) to store just a pointer containing a file path to the image in the DB. If direct access to the images isn't supposed to be allowed, you can always stor
  2. You know how to make a million dollars in the restaurant business? It's easy: start with 2 million! :)Unfortunately, it's true of many software businesses too.
  3. Writing it is simple. Doing it is hard. Good luck.
  4. That's like saying you shouldn't bother wearing a seatbelt because most people are good drivers and won't hit you.
  5. No offense, but bots have been wise to this trick for years. A contact form with a CAPTCHA interlock is one solution, using an image of the email address is another. I prefer a contact form, and I disallow strings like 'http:' and 'www', failing the form if they're present.
  6. Yep, it's that simple. That's why everybody is doing it. Nothin' to it, really- just come up with a massively original and successful idea, get people to give you millions of dollars for it, and you're done. In fact, I may do that a couple of times later today after I finish mowing the lawn.PS: I wouldn't even bother to write demo code, venture capitalists are all idiots and they'll usually just take your word for it. TIP: you may have to bring your own wheelbarrow to their office to haul away the cash they'll throw at you. Be prepared!
  7. I agree- time is the key. Plan on being in it for the long haul- 5 or more years at least. The days of cranking out a site and having it become a lasting success via the "overnight success" route are mostly over. It's one thing to make a popular site, it's another to make one that'll still be popular next month. Or next year. When I launch a site, I don't expect much to happen for a year or two, sometimes longer. But that's okay, because I'm usually competing with people who have very little patience and give up after a year (if that). In their mind if it doesn't take off in a week, it's no go
  8. I like it. The one thing I'd suggest is to obfuscate the email address or use a contact form. If not, expect a flood of spam as the bot and crawlers find it and add it to their email list.
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    Generally speaking, anytime you create something (a written work, music, a painting, etc), it's copyrighted. There's no process involved.
  10. I rent several dedicated servers for ~$130 a month each. One box has about 100 domains on it and routinely serves about 5 million pages per month or so (about 1 million a month off of one particularly busy domain). Even with all that on it, it still usually runs at a pretty low load (.5 to .8). I don't remember all the specs, but they're all dual core, 4Gb memory, 160Gb disk, dual NICs, running Debian Lenny with ispCP control panel. It's probably not the best deal out there, but it works for me. 24/7 support and generous BW limits (which I appreciate, lol).
  11. 15?? Wow. The default for mySQL is 100, and I usually raise the limit on my servers to 200 or 250. I'd look at moving to a less restrictive host.
  12. Generally you'd be better off with a single, well-optimized database, especially for mostly read-only requests.There are exceptions, such as if you have a *really* large dataset and massive incoming requests (think Google). In that case doing triage on the incoming requests and routing them to the correct DB for lookup would be more efficient, but you'd have to have an enormous amount of data and a high level of unstructured requests coming in to make it worthwhile. How much data are we talking about...a TB? 100 TB? And how many requests are you expecting? Hundreds per minute or hundreds per s
  13. Update: AfterLogic webmail does have a version that will automatically check for new mail automatically...it's their "Pro" version, and costs ~$150. But with all of the excellent free alternatives out there, I really can't see why I'd spend the money. Yes, I could hack it to check for new mail, but it's not worth my time.
  14. Install Horde?? Geez, what did I ever do to you? lolNo, Horde was one of the first ones scratched from the list. It's way, way too much. It's looking like it'll be T-Dah mail. It's not perfect, but usable. Sadly, it doesn't use a database, but that's not a requirement for me.AfterLogic webmail also looks good, but it won't automatically check for mail. You have to click a button, wait, click a button, wait, click a button, wait, click a button, wait, etc etc. Lather, rinse, repeat. The support forum says it's like really super-duper complicated to do and maybe they'll add that feature someda
  15. It's dreadful. Seriously, if you install it, 1995 will call and say they want their webmail app back. I'm testing T-Dah, AfterLogic Webmail Lite, and a few others. I suggest skipping ATMail- a base level install created ~148 tables, one for each letter of the alphabet for users, one for each letter of the alphabet for address book entries, and one for each letter of the alphabet for search terms. I'm not sure what the other 70+ tables did. It also uses IonCube encoding, so thanks but no thanks.
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    heredoc <<<

    From the shell, type: php -f name_of_script.phpYou may need to add the path to PHP (and the path to your script if you're not already in the same directory as the script).More info: http://php.net/manual/en/features.commandline.php
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    heredoc <<<

    Stick this at the very top of your PHP script:// Report all PHP errors error_reporting(E_ALL);More info: http://php.net/manual/en/function.error-reporting.php
  18. Have a look at RainTPL - lightweight and very fast, easy to implement:http://www.raintpl.com/
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    Guesbook spam

    These are a few services that you could try using:http://www.ip2location.com/ << lots of dev API optionshttp://www.ipaddressgeolocation.com/ << untestedhttp://www.maxmind.com/ << may cost for some lookupshttp://ezinearticles.com/?IP-Address-Geolo...&id=3142927 << ??http://jetscripts.com/geotool/ << one-time feehttp://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-...11-6103179.html << Uses the Maxmind DBhttp://www.ipligence.com/free-ip-database << untested
  20. I'm looking for suggestions or recommendations on a good webmail script, i.e. Roundcube, AfterLogic, Tdah Mail, etc. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but I'm looking for something with a reasonable set of features that will run on an Linux/Debian server. I've already ruled out Squirrel Mail- my IP installs it by default, but they include it as a server-wide setup so it doesn't support multiple instances (you can't use it simultaneously on two domains on the same server). The interface is also a little klunky, in my opinion.What would you recommend or suggest?
  21. What do you mean by "inscription"?
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    It looks like it never should have done that, according to the docs:string number_format ( float $number [, int $decimals ] )string number_format ( float $number , int $decimals , string $dec_point , string $thousands_sep )There's no mention in the docs of any automatic type conversion, so it may have just been a "happy flaw" type of behavior that's been fixed in more recent versions.
  23. I believe that is a perfectly legal name to use for a variable or function.
  24. And that's why he suggested that you read through the tutorials here so you have a basic concept of what people are going to be trying to tell you.Really, you'll need at least a basic understanding of what's going on or you'll end up wasting a lot of your time (and probably getting a bit frustrated in the process).
  25. Congratulations, ShadowMage!
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