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    Programming, 3d modeling, movies, music, literature, everything in between.

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  1. ancarius

    Image processing

    That's so cool. I'd go for the "generate at upload" version. Even though we're not talking about a lot of images and the gallery's segmented I've seen some weird things when processes go bad. I've been meaning to check out the GD library too for a while now. Mainly since a lot of captchas use it to generate thumbs from text it might work. Then again I could always include a check to see if ImageMagick exists and is active or else use the GD library. As for the .htaccess file, I'm barely even scratching the surface of what it actually does. All in due time I guess. Thanks for the ideas guys. If anyone else has any other alternatives feel free to jump in.Cheers.
  2. Never thought of it that way. I agree, not having a resolved tag does offer more opportunity to alternative response but at the same time it would be nice to know. The only thing I don't get is why people keep making duplicate posts instead of just looking for ones that already have been answered.As for the upside of a rating system, people usually tend to work more if they have some incentive. I mean, it worked for Yahoo.
  3. ancarius

    Image processing

    So I have a gallery using uploaded photos. It's sort of self-explanatory. I need a smaller image size for my thumbnails and I was wondering if there's some sort of library in PHP that's active by default that could resize the images? I'm not really familiar with all the options and don't think I could sift through everything.
  4. Both those options are good but honestly I say you try to get into the habit of indenting. It helps a great deal when you get to debugging and at the same time it's a lot simpler for others that look at your code to understand it from first glance.
  5. Ok, so...I came in today to check for alternatives to some PHP question and I noticed that although there are a lot of questions and issues in the PHP forum there's nothing that actually marks the fact that the topic is resolved or not......or it's just way too subtle for me to notice. Shouldn't there be some marker or something that could show us if the post is actually resolved or not? That would be really useful.And the second thing is that I noticed that there's a scoring system in the forum but I'm guessing that it scores based on number of posts. Couldn't we get one for useful answers? I mean it's more fun when you get to level up based on useful posts rather than spam. :)Cheers
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