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  1. What is Web2.0?Although I have see some information about Web2.0,I still cannot understand it clearly.Is it a W3C standard?Where can I find the authoritative specification?
  2. I agree with what you said. But only computers in local network can use Proxy sever. However,if we are not in a local network,instead the Internet,it cannt work.The background of what I described is in the Internet,which we can regard it as a P2P network that consists of countless autonomous peers.So maybe a plug-in into the browsers can be developed to work out it ?
  3. Hi guys! At present, we know when we log on to one website to browse information(e.g. News),our computer will build a connection to the website server for downloading the data of the web page. Sometimes we may find it very slow to open a web page since the network is busy. Considering the recently popular P2P technogy, if some computers near us have read the web pages of the website,which means that some data have been saved in these computers` buffers,then we can connect to them for downloading these data,instead of directly connecting to the website. The advantage is to relea
  4. hi guys! I just learn XQuery these days. But now,i wonder the way to see the result of XQuery statement applied to specific XML doc. Or is there some tool, just like SQL server 2000 where we can get the result when we use some SQL script to operate the databases?
  5. I am very interested in W3School tutorials,especially the subjects related to XML.I really appreciate W3School because i`ve learned a lot from them. But now i have a problem,that is i could not log on to Internet very often so that it is not very convenient for me to learn these useful materials. So i am wondering whether i can download these tutorials ? can anyone tell me ? thank you!
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