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  1. Hey there guys... I would like to know how to get info using a sub pro and then pass it to the function to work on it using conditional statment and then display the result... thanks in advance appspl take a look at this script i dont understand how to make it work.. I want to get the age from the user and if it is 30 then with print or put a msgbox saying "congrats"... <html><head><script type="text/vbscript">public sub ageinfo()dim ageage=inputbox("Please enter your age")end subfunction agegreet()i=ageif i=30 thendocument.write("Congrats")end ifend function</script>&l
  2. Hey there... Thanks a ton... Apps
  3. Hey there guys... I have been trying to run this code.. and wonder what is wrong with it as it does not run... the click button appears but when clicked says that tere is an error on page.. pl help... Apps<html><head><script type="text/vbscript">sub Age()dim ageage = inputbox("Please type your age")msgbox("Your age is :" age)end sub</script></head><body><form><input type="button" value="Click"onclick="call Age()"></fom></body></html>
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