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  1. Oh... good advice, didn't think about that. I will be back in a couple of weeks with comments.Thanks,Mark
  2. Well in my experice, I run ASP on Win7 with ISS 7.something. And I have put my files in the folder called "wwwroot/testsite" located:C:\inetpub\wwwroot\testsiteAnd to acces it i type in the browser:http://localhost/testsite/And then it opens Default.asp, which is located in the folder "testsite".Maybe you have misplaced the files?Well, just a suggestion.Cheers,Mark
  3. Hello everybody.I have an ASP site, that I have some trouble with.I have a lot of news, that are stored in different .asp pages. So to keep things organized, I want alle the news-pagesin a folder called "news".But when I link to the pages in the "news" folder (from the Default.asp, in the folder in which the folder "news" are located),I get a message, that IE cannot fint the pages.the link looks something like this:<a class="link" href="news/whatever.asp">Link to news</a>If i create a normal HTML page and places it in the "news" folder, no problems at all!Any help or suggestions, w
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