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    PHP Tutorial

    http://w3schools.com/php/php_looping.aspI'm extremely new to web design and programming so was hoping some one could clarify the below as it may be my understanding that is incorrect.In the tutorial<html><body><?php $i=1;do { $i++; echo "The number is " . $i . "<br />"; }while ($i<=5);?></body></html> which would output: The number is 2The number is 3The number is 4The number is 5The number is 6 But if my understanding of loops is correct this isn't strictly right, the i increment should be below the echo line: <?php $i=1;do { echo "The numbe
  2. Hello ladies and Gents,I'm as new as new can be when it comes to web design and programming.I live in the UK and work in first line support. Our main focus is to support users that use financial accounting software.I'm currently training to become a systems accountant./Comf.
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