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  1. I checked it out in FF 3.5.10 and it appears to work correctly.It's a little difficult to see it though. With the bottom gradient, it doesn't appear at all. I took your code into an editor and added {margin-top: 20px;} and the radius really became a lot more apparent. With it sitting so close to the #image, just a little difficult to see it (in my opinion at least).As for your current code though, it seems to work fine for me. Hope this helps!
  2. It seems to have cleared up. But that kinda tripped me out. I wasn't aware that it would do that. Appreciate all the responses! I'll definitely read more into the redirects.
  3. Ok, so I've been working on my CSS pretty intensely lately, but I ran across this and it is just baffling me.I got a basic portfolio site started. However, when I actually updated the site onto my host's server I have background-image problems.http://mitzemitchell.com - it shows up finehttp://www.mitzemitchell.com - it doesn't show upI checked the code with W3Schools, and I'm pretty sure I have it right. I even took out the directory name and replaced it with the full URL.If anyone could shed some light as to why it's doing this, it would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks wirehopper! These resources are great!I played with the color scheme designer for at least half an hour this morning.Took me a bit to find the optimizer (they need to make the link a bit more apparent in my opinion), but once I did I ran my homepage through it and apparently I did well! Woohoo!As for the validator, it made me no longer like you! Kidding, of course. I ran my homepage through that as well, but didn't do so well. 21+ errors the first time through. But I've since got it down to 1 error and 4 warnings (and currently trying to learn how to correct those).Those plug-ins
  5. Wow, some great responses here guys! Thanks!Gave me some different ideas about what I can do. Obviously, learning different languages seems to be the first step. But afterwards, I can focus on a specific area. I didn't really know that. I thought it was an all or nothing kind of deal (in retrospect, kind of a dumb assumption).The template-type idea wirehopper gave was also nice, thank you sir! I'm seeing that idea more and more as I study. Definitely going to use it (after I build it a first time myself, of course)!Thanks again everyone, and looking forward to working with you all!
  6. Greetings Aimee!In the same position myself. Working on learning the fundamentals (HTML/CSS) at the moment. But hoping to move past them after I get a better grasp on them.Feel free to post any questions up and I'll see if I can answer them. I know I'll be doing the same!
  7. Greetings everyone!I find it very difficult to set projects for myself and identify my trouble areas. Does anyone know of a mentorship program of sort or a site that gives you various web design projects? All I've really found so far is just sites that have "how-to's".If you know of such a site or wouldn't mind being a mentor of sort, please let me know! Help in either way would be greatly appreciated.Thanks for the read!~Mitze
  8. Greetings everyone!Semi-new to the web design/developer world. Relearning HTML and CSS at the moment. Hoping to quickly get those down and try to turn a current hobby into a career. Any and all help/tips/suggestions always appreciated!Looking forward to learning from and helping you all!~Mitze
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