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  1. thank you , i found sloution .1- the out put is two imgs moveing in all directions and craching into each other When a collision occurs there must be a discovery this collision 2- i have two mistake in this code 1- call of unction (checkForCollision()) in update function 2- img width and high
  2. hi i want to make colision detection between two picture, i do not know what is the problemif you can help me plz ?
  3. Reem

    php+appache 2.2

    thank u for link ):
  4. Reem

    php+appache 2.2

    thank uit's wooooooooooooorks thanks alot
  5. i am downloaded and installed the Apache 2.2 and it's work but problem with php i don't now what is the version best with Apache 2.2 , and how i can installing in my computer ?? i installed php 5 but the php page don't work can u help me plz??
  6. himy Name is Reem . i am girl from Saudi Arabia << not a terrorist nice to meet u
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