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  1. Devoted Member, Is there some way to do this without a CSS file, but within the HTML5 document? <a href="whateveraddress.html class="link_style01">whatever page</a> a.link_style01:hover {color: #0f0; text-decoration: none;} Thank you for your help. Jim Adrian
  2. I have recently converted some of my web pages to HTML5. I like it, not least because I don't need a CSS file to get most of what I want. Apparently, everything can be specidied in the HTHM5 doculment itself. I am having trouble discovering how to make a link (and only one particular link) have a hover color (#00FF00) and yet no underline. Everything I have read points to "text decoration none" which eliminates the underline but also eliminates the color. How can these two features be independently controled and override the global specification in the body tag for a single link onl
  3. ColdEdge,I managed to sove the problems I mentioned earlier and the forums are here:http://www.futurebeacon.com/forums/Thank you for making this thread so informative.My next investigation is about changine the logo to my own and controlling the cascading style sheet.Thank you for your help.Jim Adrianjim@futurebeacon.com
  4. ColdEdge,I uploaded the upload folder to my hosting account at GoDaddy in a directory called forum and it worked. I went to http://www.futurebeacon.com/forum/instal/ and I got the installation wizard. All went well until I got to the Database Configuration. It asked me to check the items, but I don't know where in GoDaddy or anywhere else to check. I made sure I had a MySQL database in GoDaddy described as forum, although GoDaddy didn't ask me to name the database, and the user name I used for MyBB would not work and it was taken when I tried to make my username for the MySQL database james
  5. ColdEdge,This is amazing information. Thank you!I would be inclined to buy from the source that makes the CSS adjustments easiest to do. I do have a .css file and I am good at making changes in it for my website, but I found it very difficult to find out how to control it in the Kunena forum software. I never figured it out.Thank you for your help.Jim Adrian
  6. Where does W3Schools get its forum software?I have been going through nothing but pain trying first to get a login feature and then a forum at my site:http://www.globalfreeenterprise.comMy hosting service is GoDaddy.com and I had a service called JoomGeeks install Joomla as a first step. These two organizations are not affiliated with each other. Somehow, Joomla is one of the choices I had to make through GoDaddy. I am willing to change everything. I don't know how to set that up or even upgrade the forum (Kunena). I wasted a year trying to learn MySQL and PHP before that. I can write ht
  7. thescientist,I have changed my email settings a lot and I don't know whether there is still a problem with them. No settings tried produced a HTML rendering. My hosting service is still giving me more information about sending email through their webmail. I didn't mean to sound as though I were dismissing your advice. I could have explained more. I was urgently trying to get the answer to the question I repeated. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf. chibineku,This is exactly what I wanted to know./////It appears that I need to know MySql as well as PHP so that an online e-mail servi
  8. I get my email through GoDaddy webmail as part of my hosting plan with them.I realize that the way I get my email and my email settings and all of that could be a problem, but my real problem is more basic than that. I really need to know if the way I am SENDING the email is correct. I need an answer to my most recent question. Is this the way to send an HTML Email message?---------1. Write a script called contact.php that contains an HTML Email message. Do not include any form data to be filled out. Include a submit button.2. Upload contact.php to my hosting account directory.3. Go to http
  9. thescientist,Thank you for message.I have not succeeded in modifying my contact.php script or using any other script to sent an HTML Email message. I have succeeded in sending a text message which included HTML source code.One the highest level, I am looking for instructions that might look like this:---------1. Write a script called contact.php that contains an HTML Email message. Do not include any form data to be filled out. Include a submit button.2. Upload contact.php to my hosting account directory.3. Go to http://www.globalfreeenterprise.com/contact.php with a browser.4.
  10. chibineku',I have used the post method. That's not the way I get the data. When the visitor hits submit (or I do as the visitor) the script displays an HTML page assuring me that the form was successfully completed. Then the script sends the array of data to me email address. I read it there. I do not access the data by typing in $_POST["emailAddress"] . I wouldn't know where to type it in anyway.Here is my contact form script:<?phpif (isset($_POST['Submit'])){// get posted data into local variables$EmailFrom = "Contact Form at http://www.globalfreeenterprise.com";$EmailTo = "info@glob
  11. Thank you for this very informative question.I don't know how to link a contact form to the mail script.I don't know how to launch the mail script.I have written one php script in a file that also contains HTML and an HTML Form. The file is called contact.php and it works athttp://www.globalfreeenterprise.com/contact.phpI understand the HTML Form and the way the website visitor gets to fill it out. I understand how the script sends me a text email message that contains the contents of the filled out form. I understand the basics of how the mail(0) function works in PHP. I have PHP scripts
  12. There must be a fundamental link missing in my head. I have a number of scripts ready to send. I really do not know how to send them or any one of them. I have PHP installed in my hosting directory and here is another script:<?php// multiple recipients$to = 'jim@globalfreeenterprise.com' . ', '; // note the comma//$to .= 'wez@example.com';// subject$subject = 'Birthday Reminders for August';// message$message = '<html><head> <title>Birthday Reminders for August</title></head><body> <p>Here are the birthdays upcoming in August!</p> <t
  13. Yes. PHP is enabled on my server. What should I do next?Thank you for your help.Jim Adrian
  14. Thank you for all of your responses. They contain valuable information. I understand that the PHP mail(0) function is supposed to allow one to send an HTML Email message to anybody and do it from a PHP script. I tried uploading the code quoted below to my hosting directory and then sending my browser to that php file. I got a blank page in my browser, but that did not deter me. I went to the email addresses in the script and found nothing received or sent.Where do I launch HTML Email?Thank you for your help. <?php$to = "jamesadrian@globalfreeenterprise.com, jim@globalfreeenterprise.co
  15. chibineku,Thank you for this very informative message. I didn't know that a server-side language was also needed. I have just started to learn PHP.I get a feeling that the HTML Email message I send out should not come from my email client. I don't see how it could. I have a website hosted by GoDaddy.com . When I write an online form like contact.php I upload it to my hosting directory at GoDaddy and people who visit my website can write me a message. Where do I launch HTML Email?Thank you for your help.
  16. jamesadrian

    HTML Email

    I am interested in learning how to send an email message with HTML markup in it. I get this type of email messages sent to me all the time, as I'm sure you all do. I read a book entitled "Creating Stunning HTML Email that just works" I still can't find out where to start. I have googled and googled. Where is the start of this subject?Does anybody here actually know how to send me an HTML Email message (perhaps with the source code attached)?jamesadrian@globalfreeenterprise.com
  17. I have made a .swf file work on a web page, but it doesn't have a start or pause button. Here it is:http://globalfreeenterprise.com/video.htmI have learned how to use quite a number of param statements that go within the <object> and </object> tags. They are similar to statements like these:<param name="movie" value="North2.swf"><param name=loop value=""true"><param name=”menu” value=”false”>There are many more.There are also the corresponding statements that go within the <embed . . . .> tag like these:src="North2.swf"loop="true"menu=”false”Here is my quest
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