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  1. *** THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED ***hi there, i'm a newbie who is trying to write a simple horizontal slider. at least, the idea was simple in my head. everything works great, except for when i click my next/previous buttons too quickly, which causes my slides to be placed in the incorrect positions and breaks my slider. The slider can be seen here - http://www.dghein.com/sandwichmuffin/slides are absolutely positioned within their relative container, the second slide is what is visible when the page loads: .slide-wrapper {width:630px; height:285px; margin-right:15px; float:left; position:rel
  2. http://www.000webhost.com/
  3. hi everyone,just signed up the other day. i have been an extremely part time web developer for a couple years. Last month I got lucky and was hired by a local web development company so I am trying to learn as much as I can, with hopes of getting hired on after my 6 month work contract.*fingers crossed*
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