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    Initial setup

    Well.....Your assumption would seem to be incorrect, the only test.php is located in the PHP 5.3.2/ext/exif folder. and all it is, is:<?php include 'test.txt';?> The question now is what did I do wrong here?
  2. Battou

    Initial setup

    I left it vague to get questions to be honest, however I may not have worded it exactly as I thought I had.WAMP is installed and functioning correctly according to the FAQ's. However I still can not process the PHP script locally via WAMP. I assumed this is due to an incorrect or missing DB so I asked the site owner and he sent me a php index file and told me where to put it but but nothing changed. Dreamweaver is aslo fully installed however it too will not process the php script and keeps telling me some elements are remote and uneditable. I assume that is no big deal the major one that does
  3. Battou

    Initial setup

    All right, I work for an individual with five interconnected sites and have reasently been given the responsibility to redesigning and coding the redesign of one of them. My developing work is very limited, my only real accomplishment is the sites news letter I coded by hand. The site redesign and a news letter are two completly different things and I knew that when I offered assistance to compensate for our dwindling DEV team.As of right now I am having a lot of difficulty getting set up for the developing work and the site owner is rather old fasioned and knows nothing about Dreamweaver CS5
  4. Wile Photoshop CS4 or CS5 is your best bet, I however some time ago assemble this list of free ware for a site I work on:
  5. Well....I'm a photographer and I do some occasional drawing. I have been an admin on different websites for the two fields some time but I was a day to day task manager. I was recently promoted to working with the backend of the site and now I'm in a world of confusion. I came here to ask questions since this is the site I learned most of what little I already know. Need help getting my computer set up for developing as well as understanding it as it applies to an existing site.
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