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  2. Hey Turns out the problem was I had my css files and images like this:styles/styles.cssimg/myimage.jpgOnce I put them all with absolute locations, it worked fine:http://www.mysite.com/styles/styles.csshttp://www.mysite.com/img/myimage.jpg
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  4. I am looking to list the top 10 MOST searched words. Example:I have 15 different words that have been searched, with (#) of times each word has been searched:whatever (100)Idontknow (73)blah (68)smiley (62)Hello (57)World (52)Blue (49)Red(37)Yellow (35)Green (32)Center (29)extra (25)toggle (23)this (21)side (15)panel (9)So in this example, The words that will be listed are the top 10 words. Whatever -> Center
  5. Thanks for the query. I gave it a shot, but getting the same results. If a row's active value is set to no, it is still displaying to the screen. I'm not sure how to fix this query.Hey, i think i wrote that wrong. So for example, I have a table with the following colums:ID --- Artist --- Title So for one row, it may be:1 --- Super Mario Bros --- ThemeHopefully that explains it better.
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