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  1. Found this format and thought I'd add it to my intro.Full name: SylviaAlternative name(s): ChiaBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy):29Jun74Gender:femaleZodiacal sign:Cancer Country of residance:USAState of residance: MichiganHeight:5'6:Eyes:DK BrnHair:Very Dk BrnSmoking/Drinking/Drugs:no/yes/not so much anymoreFavourite Music:like it all, esp stuff that makes my heart pumpFavourite Movies: recent favs - Serenity, Firefly series. long time fav - 13th WarriorInterest: love photography, movies, reading, bookmakingPets: 2 dogs, Luke 10 yr old Bijon & Darwin 11month old Australian TerrierAdditional comments: Glad to be here. So new to all this that I'm on a different planet. just trying to complete a profile that allows HTML and want to play around wtih that. Hope I'm in the right place or maybe someone can direct me.
  2. Hi! I'm so new at this I really don't know what I'm doing!!! I don't even know what PM means other then evening?? I'm Pixrtaker29 and I'm trying to locate a simple site that will list code for HTML actions. This is a bit overwhelming. I thought I'd try the forum for some guidance. Glad to be here and thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.
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