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  1. You should read this article HTML 5 will be done in 2014
  2. Check this articlehorizontal drop down menu with css
  3. look for the link to the contact link and type: target="_self" after the quotation marks. E.g <a href="contact.html" target="_self">contact</a>
  4. I'm gonna put it as simple as w3schools say:XHTML is next generation of HTML. Both have different syntax (not a big difference), XHTML elements must be properly nestedXHTML elements must always be closed (like <p> ... </p> and not <p> ...)XHTML elements must be in lowercaseXHTML documents must have one root elementIn XHTML empty tags must be closed with a forward slash / like this: <br /> adding a space before the closing slash.Make sure to read the tutorials at w3schools' websitew3schools
  5. I'm currently enrolled in a class and we are going to use a book from cangage.com (or course.com ).and we are told to buy this book.But since I have gotten another book from them a couple of months ago, and read the product's reviews. I really don't want to buy this book and if I find a good book I'm willing to talk to my instructor, and if he doesn't give me a choice. I will fail so bad!.Please any good book book?
  6. That would be cool. Or cert for HTML, XHTML and CSS all in one.
  7. I have a complete DVD course to learn adobe photosop cs, but I want to know what can I do with that software. I know I can edit photos and create logos. what I wanted to know if I can build website templates too. Please help!
  8. What I can tell about that is that in order understand HTML and XHTML reference. You will have to learn first learn the basic at least and when you're start learning CSS You find that very easy. I'm actually learning CSS and I'm finally understanding those reference that before seemed meaningless.
  9. Thank's for your response. I'm a beginner, and you have helped me a lot. I will definitely try to avoid WYSIWYG editors.
  10. Okay, I've heard that WYSIWYG programs aren't that great, and that it's better to build websites with simple text editors.My question is: I want to become and work as a web designer, but for example if I'm mainting a website and I need edit it, should I use any WYSIWYG program instead of a simple editor? Because I think that editing a website with a WYSIWYG is so much easier that using a simple text editor.If not why not? please explain...
  11. I have a blog and I want to create a special page within the same blog titled "add blog"when they click in the "add blog" tab they can find other people's blog categorized, but when search on a specific topic it will load a list of blogs or websites related to it. But at the bottom of that page a linkto submit their blogs/websites for them to appear on the list.Thank you!
  12. Just save the files on your desktop and open them with a broswer. To automatically make your browser load it by just click on your page don't forget to save your files with the appropiate extension Such as .HTML
  13. Use cellspadding instead of border-spacing.that's the best way you can do it. cuz IE doesn't support border-spacing.
  14. My name is Nelson Muntzjust call me Muntz or Nelson.so nice to meet u all....
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