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  1. I post a lot of videos on my site and for most of them I am able to create a splash screen for with a simple edit in the code. But with myspace players I am unable to figure this out.Here is the code for myspace players. <object width="500px" height="400px" ><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"/><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"/><param name="wmode" value="transparent"/><param name="movie" value="http://mediaservices.myspace.com/services/media/embed.aspx/m=102525731,t=1,mt=video"/><embed src="http://mediaservices.myspace.com/services/media/embed.aspx/m=102525731,t=1,mt=video" width="500" height="400" allowFullScreen="true" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" allowScriptAccess="always"></embed></object>
  2. Ahh wait it was a error cause be blogger reformatting the coding. I used this code. <div class='header-outer' onclick="location.href = 'path/to/destination.html'">It changed to this code after saved.<div class='header-outer' onclick='location.href = 'path/to/destination.html''>So I reformatted it to this code.<div class='header-outer' onclick='location.href = "path/to/destination.html"'>Now it works just fine! Thanks for everyone's help!
  3. Alright thanks! It excepted that but its still not working. I know its not a syntax error and it seems to be just Blogger being retarded. I had this same problem with mouseover scripts in the past. Back to the drawing board!
  4. Well that is the problem I am using a Blogger site and its very strict about what can be placed in the <body> section of the template. Wrapping the element in a <a> tag results in a error message and can not be excepted. But I was thinking their might be a way to do it through a JavaScript function by assigning a onclick location to the element in the <head>. But I am a noob with JavaScript so I have not learned how to do something like that.
  5. I am trying to figure out how to assign a link to a HTML element. Example:<div id='header'><!--widget content--></div> How would I make the full header element link to another page.
  6. Oh thanks!The function was a typo.But I see what I did wrong in the variables.
  7. Fair enough how about this!<head><script type="text/javascript">a="Why does"b=" JavaScript"c=" have to be"d=" such a pain!"e="a+b"f="c+d"g="e+f"function txt1(){alert(g);}</script></head><body><p onmouseover="tex1()">MESSAGE</p></body> What is wrong with that and why does it only display g+f when hovering?
  8. Well I learned a great deal from this site with ease, so I don't plan to trade sides once hardships come my way. Also I don't think W3 Schools would like you telling people to go somewhere else in their forums.
  9. Thanks that did clear up some of the confusion and I think I can put it to good use.I have been reading the site but I keep getting to a point to where I don't understand it so I go back over what I read. Maybe I just need to read all the way through it?
  10. Yes I am reading them but cant say I am understanding them. I passed the practice in HTML, CSS, and XML 20 over 20 no problem. Although I don't think those test really cover anything but the basics. But HTML and CSS is really simple, XML I understand but rarely use other then conditional tags. JS is what I am working on now and yet cant seem to get the basics down to start learning it.
  11. Here is the code I am going to use as a example. I think I will just try to explain what I understand or think I understand and you guys correct me and fill me in on what I am missing. <html><head><script type="text/javascript">function selText() { document.getElementById("txt1").select() }</script></head><body><textarea id="txt1">Hello world....</textarea><input type="button" value="Select text" onclick="selText()"></body></html> I am assuming the head code acts as kind of like a CSS rule. selText is the name of the function or event to trigger later on in the body. I am guessing I can use anything I want for this as long as it matches the body code.I still don't have a clue on how to correctly use the ()What goes in the ()?When do I add something in the ()?How do I correctly write something in the()?document.getElementById is a global property to call on the HTML ID. .select() I am guessing this is another global property to activate the select functions. Again we have the ()! onclick="selText() I understand this is just calling for the function. But again what is up with the ()?Now what would be the best way to use this code if I was going to need to call for it multiple times on the same page. Something has to change somewhere or I would be selecting all of them. I know I could just write out a whole new head script for it but I would think their is a easier way to just declare it through variables. What if I wanted to use this to highlight plan text on the site outside of a textarea. I tried using it like this but it did not work.<div id="txt1"> SOME TEXT</div>
  12. I wanted to make a script to hide a element on the page when click. I know how to add your basic button to the content its self to hide it but could I add the script to the element then call for the function outside of the element.Could you give me the script to do this with.
  13. Oh never mind I found another tutorial on the site for the same thing that does work.http://www.w3schools.com/dhtml/tryit.asp?f...rydhtml_noright
  14. I am reading through the tutorials and noticed that this script does not seem to workhttp://www.w3schools.com/js/tryit.asp?filename=tryjs_norightI have JavaScript enabled and I'm using FF with Win7.
  15. That would be the easy route to take but the point of this for me is to learn more in how to use JavaScript. And I am sure at a later date it would come in handy to be able to have a script active on selected page even if the script it readable from all pages. Basically the script has no value to me and im not going to be using it other then something to train off of. So sure I could add it into a post or homepage and be done with it. But that would not give me anything to learn off and build onto. I know that might sound pointless but to me that is how I learn.
  16. I am trying to learn javascript and having a bit of a issue with this script I been practicing with. No matter what I do this will not display only on the homepage. Even if I add it into a <div class then add conditional tags followed with CSS to display none on all other pages it still ends up displaying on every page. So I figure I need to use some type of condition in the script to only show on selected URL. However as I said I am a noob with JavaScript. <script type="text/javascript">function morning(){alert("Good Morning!");}function afternoon(){alert("Good Afternoon!");}function night(){alert("Good Night!");}</script><script type="text/javascript">var d = new Date();var time = d.getHours();if (time < 12){morning();}else if (time > 19){night();}else{afternoon();}</script>
  17. How would I used a condition to display the action in this script below only on a selected URL. <script type="text/javascript">function morning(){alert("Good Morning!");}function afternoon(){alert("Good Afternoon!");}function night(){alert("Good Night!");}</script><script type="text/javascript">var d = new Date();var time = d.getHours();if (time < 12){morning();}else if (time > 19){night();}else{afternoon();}</script>
  18. Thank you vary much for the words or wisdom and inspiration! Yes I keep all the coding I learn in a blog and write a short summery about it so I can keep track of these things. Also I answer coding questions on Blogger dealing with mainly CSS and HTML. Although I am no where near you guys level right now I am still able to deal with most Blogger coding issues. This helps other people and teaches me new things as well with each challenge that arises. But as I said I tried learning JavaScript a few months back and could not figure out the firs thing about it. But now I just put 2 scripts together with a little help so its a better start then before XP. One step at a time I will figure it out just like CSS and HTML it takes time.
  19. I can but it just wont work XP. LOL I like the way you put that ^^ thanks I still got a lot of studying to do.
  20. Trying to put together what I learned so far and its not going to well. What is wrong with this code below below? <head><script type="text/javascript">function morning(){alert("Good Morning!"); }function afternoon(){alert("Good Afternoon!"); }function night(){alert("Good Night!"); }</script></head> <body><script type="text/javascript">var d = new Date();var time = d.getHours();if (time < 12) {<body onload="morning()"> }else if (time > 19) {<body onload="night()"> }else {<body onload="afternoon()"> }</script></body></html>
  21. Yeah I see where later in the tutorials they are going over those. However it leaves people a little lost at the beginning. Thanks for your reply, looks like I will be moving to the end of the tutorials then coming back to the beginning.
  22. In the past I went through the javaScript sections on this site and tried learning it but failed. Really I just did not understand HTML enough to be moving to JavaScript. But now I believe I am ready and I'm moving through the lessons and may need some help on some sections. Right now I am wondering about this code below. <script type="text/javascript">var d = new Date();var time = d.getHours();if (time < 10) { document.write("<b>Good morning</b>"); }</script> Questions:1.How does this retrieve and interrupt my browser time? 2.What does d do?3. What is the function of the statements below? new Date() d.getHours()Please try to noob down your answers a little!
  23. Ok here is something I am working on. How would I assign variables for the two of these so they don't both load the message 2. <html><head><script type="text/javascript">function message(){alert("This is Message 1");}</script><script type="text/javascript">function message(){alert("This is Message 2");}</script></head><div id='bartext' onclick="message()"><a href="URL">Text<a></div><div id='bartext2' onclick="message()"><a href="URL">Text<a></div></body></html>
  24. Ugh.... I not writing anything jquary or javascript. I am pretty well versed in HTML and CSS. But anything java look like Chinese to me I went over the tutorials on this site for javascript about 10 times and did not retain much from it. Yet it bothers me because it seems javascript is the most important thing to learn. From what I have seen you can do just about anything through some form of javascript. I am self taught in HTML and CSS and only been dealing with them about a year. But yet I stare at coding trying/learning new things everyday for about 10 hours. I AM GOING TO LEARN JAVASCRIPT IF IT KILLS ME! Could one of you guys maybe post a basic script in here for me and go over what each section purpose. Something easy but yet useful where I have some foundation to start from.
  25. I know those are not regex property's, I was referring to the code Dilated provided above.Yeah IE is a pain to say the least, but still most people refuse to use FF. So we are forced to design based on what IE supports right now. I was not aware that IE was not supporting it due to it still being in still being in draft. So that is good news to hear IE9 might support shadow-text and radius borders. Because I would like my sidebar h2 to to have round corners with shadow text in them. Right now we are forced to use images in place of that. But it would be a lot more user friendly to just style it with CSS property's.
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