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  1. Ah ok. It has decided to work partlyGot part of it to work. The image now covers the old one. However it still gets in the way of the choose a file part likewise.....I'm having difficulty lining it upand also when I click on a image to upload I do not get the file location text filling the box like with the previous ugly browse box. How do I get the file location text (images/upload/toweb/3241.jpg etc.) that comes up when you select a file location?
  2. Hi dsoneuk,Thanks for the help, I've been entering your code but it simply does not want to work. It just crushes out the image on the text above and not onto over the button and now it simply does not want to do it at all.I've set the opacity to 0.1 so I can see what is going on and have attached a jpg of what I'm trying to do. Please note I'm working with fieldset and labels and not divs so I have tried to convert what you've written over to the format I'm using. Please note this is Not what I see in html this is in photoshop.The red arrow points to the area 19px high 399px length. I want to
  3. Is there any way without Javascript?I mean I take javascript can be disabled right?Thanks
  4. I find that somewhat difficult to follow. Are you saying I should make a browse button and then just place it over the ugly one? That way when you click on the nice browse button it will still work?
  5. Is there anyway of doing it without Javascript? I was looking for a pure CSS/Html site to then build on from. So everything must function and look good in html/css only then will I start to grow it into other areas.P.S. I'm designing my site for FF
  6. <label>Upload 1:<br><input type="file" name="Upload" size="60"></label>I'm trying to change the ugly browse button into one that I've created in photoshop?How do I go about doing this? I've tried a few things but all have failed.
  7. More trouble! When will it end!I'm trying to make a 15px space above and below the following inside a label: Name:, Email:, Subject:, Message: which I'll highlight in the html.I have been trying to target the class .fieldsetcontact label (which I also tried labelling fieldset.fieldsetcontact label to no avail}.Everything in the class appears to work etc. I can change the font, font size etc. but cannot seem to be able to get the margin around it to clear a space above and below.I've tried the following in the CSS margin: "15px" (and messing unecesserily with padding as well) what happens is t
  8. Should I then be styling a label as a class, or just throwing a in a header for the appropriate styling?This applies to other things. So should I be using them on things like unordered lists <ul> and <li>?Would every single item including submenus be an h*?So for example general structure of a list would be with headers:h1 --h2----h3----h3----h3--h2----h3----h3--h2----h3----h3
  9. Well I've actually omitted using h1, h2, h3 on my site. I will probably pick up that practice on my next site.Instead I've just done it by actual px sizing.Thats why I ask, I was hoping I didn't have to use p or h1, h2 etc.To style the <input> part of a <label> as a class, do I literally do this:<input class="inputstyle">
  10. Ingolme one last thing.Let say I want to create a contact form that looks like a little like this:Contact Us.We look forward to hearing from you!Name: (Space for name)E-mail: (Space for e-mail)etc. etc.Where would the top two elements go in the html? Would I put the contact us part in an <h3> or <h2> and the look forward to hearing from you in a <p>? Would these go inside the fieldset? Or can I just write straight into the fieldset and omit having to make headers and paragraphs?Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the fieldset semantic and structure, thats really helped me get my head around it. I think I prefer the fieldset method rather than the table. Thanks again.
  12. Hi Ingolme,Yes I've been doing everything with classes and ids, and I'm quite accustomed to exporting styles and the like to my CSS, but I've never seen anything like: enctype="multipart/form-data" action="http://free.allforms.mailjol.net/u/f9f55545.php" method="POST"orcolspanexported to a stylesheet? My question really is can it be done?Or will my original code that I pasted have to look something like the following:<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="http://free.allforms.mailjol.net/u/f9f55545.php" method="POST" class="styleform"><table class="tableset">...<tr><t
  13. Thats exactly my question!!How do I put the first 3 parts into a CSS stylesheet!Is fieldset better than tables? And why?
  14. Hello,As I love CSS so much I try and get everything into it.My question is this. The Html below shows 3 parts of the same form. (It is a contact form that sends an email off). Can I get all these elements into CSS? So all the form enctype etc.? Or does that have to be in HTML?Likewise the colpsan part? Can that be put into CSS? If so is colspan in CSS a good method?In the last section the input type etc. Can that be put into CSS? Is it a good idea making forms in tables?<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="http://free.allforms.mailjol.net/u/f9f55545.php" method="POST" style="margin:
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