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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to implement something like this site: http://www.lemeurice.com/ Not the flash intro, but the moving effects the images have when you navigate through the different pages. I am not a javascript person, so any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!~Jess
  2. I'm so sorry, I must've misinterpreted your first post. Please forgive me for taking up your time, it is working great now.
  3. Gotcha. Thank you so much! Just one more question…I moved them to where I want them, but now they bump the header down…I want them to kind of lay "on top" of the header…any suggestions?? Thank you!
  4. jessmolchan

    2 Questions...

    Hi I have two quick questions about this page. First question is: my client is saying she can't see the damask background (black and grey)…I however, can see it on every browser I tried…including IE. Next question: the Facebook, twitter, and vimeo buttons I have in the top right corner are supposed to be in the main content area…in other words, their background is supposed to be black, and not the damask. I have attached my css sheet for reference. Thank you,~Jess style.css
  5. yes, that's the one i removed…i think my server takes a while to update sometimes, maybe it just didn't go through yet because that is def the tag i got rid of. thanks for your help. i guess i'll just wait a while and see what happens...
  6. okay, so i got rid of the <a> tag… could you tell me if it looks better, i don't have a windows :)thank you!!
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been told that my website looks weird in IE: http://www.disneymadesimple.comI don't own a windows computer, but I've seen that it like, repeats the header or something weird. I'm trying to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!~Jess
  8. i do have the source fla document. i know how to do enough to manipulate the template that was given to me. i just don't know how to add to it. and to clarify, the client is actually a friend of mine. they are aware that i'm not very proficient in flash and were aware of this when they purchased the template in front of me and i told her i would do my best.i have all of the files and if you know of any way to help my out that would be greatly appreciated.
  9. jessmolchan


    I NEED to add a "page" to this site: www.fredastairefreehold.combasically, what i want to do is add a table of contents before the calendar on the "schedules" page, and the same type of deal before the staff bios on the "staff" page…I know NOTHING about flash, but a client needs this done very quickly. any help would be greatly appreciated!!! ~Jess
  10. haha thanks for all of your help. ~Jess
  11. Okay. But you do think I'd be better off integrating a captcha form right?Thank you!~Jess
  12. Well the problem is, it's in gibberish. Most of it anyway. I was wondering if there was maybe a bot or something that does this. I know my code is working, I tested it and she's gotten other orders from the site just fine. I was thinking of adding a captcha form?Thanks, ~Jess
  13. I recently built an order form for a client of mine. She emailed me yesterday with an order that was all out of sorts. What could cause this type of problem?Name: xfather123 Email Address: xfather@gmail.com Address: IvqfLSlq City: UAFgTJCfGQtnThWf State: NJ Event: dUvhBcODxp Phone: QGjjwvoHFu Message: guCO1r this is delisious!xfather123 Favors: Quantity of Favors: kgWbmfKsLPuuQbwU Favors On Stick: Favors Wrapped: Party Platters: Platter Design Theme: qfjkQzEdYbHbybzTVtx Bouquets: Bouquet Theme: NGviNLRb Bouquet Message: guCO1r this is delisious!xfather123 Cookie Box: Cookie Box Theme: bPFeXdARPPDczS Cookie Box Message: guCO1r this is delisious!xfather123 Minis: Minis Quantity (In Dozens): 2 Mini Personalization: Mini Stick: Mini Wrapped: Mini Message: guCO1r this is delisious!xfather123 How Did you Find Us: ueRKtaJOF Thanks in advance for any insight!~Jess
  14. Yes, I want it to show only when a checkbox is checked. Immediately. Not after the form is submitted.Thanks~Jess
  15. Okay, so it's working!! Thank you guys so much, you really helped me out!One last quick question, I promise!Is there a way to show a quick text line if a checkbox is checked? Thanks again!~Jess
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