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  1. Hi Folks I have an online Resume written in Classic ASP and I am trying to find a way to determine a visitor's "GeoLocation" and store the city and state to an Access database. Just to get a rough idea of who has checked it out. I can obtain the info with javascript easily enough, but getting the values to the database without posting the page is a different story. Of course I cannot simply assign a js variable to a server side variable, and there seems to be some browser security issues when trying to access the DB with client side scripting. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Thanks for all the responses everyone.Fmdpa; Yes, I have played with styling the individual elements, using javascript to play with it, external stylesheets, bg-color, bg-images, borders, margins, outlines, padding.....I don't see the border on other sites with autofill fields, and it doesn't occur on every autofill field on my site. How would the "masterkey function" affect select boxes? And, why one select box and not another when the only difference between the two is the Name tag?It still doesn't make sense.
  3. Thank You lastlifelost. That makes perfect sense now. This is why I could find no commonality in my coding."Cross-Browser" should be a dirty word.
  4. Thanks Fmdpa It is a strange quirk. There seems to be no pattern to it. I have played with styling the individual elements, using javascript to play with it, external stylesheets, bg-color, bg-images, borders, margins, outlines, padding..... nothing seems to be connected to the problem. No commonality at all to which element gets the outline and which does not. Except that when I changed the element Name, the outline briefly went away. I'm stumped. I agree with you and DD, but I am a perfectionist, and Opera has a worthy fan base, so I would like to figure this out, at least so I can s
  5. How bizarre! If I change the input Name tags from uname to usname, and pword to psword, the borders go away. This worked for the log in page as well…It fixed 2 of the 8 fields. lolUpdate: Changing the elements' Names got rid of the borders, however, a few clicks and refreshes, and they are all back. I am beginning to get a bit miffed!
  6. Thanks Deirdre's Dad, but I don't think the focus is the issue. On my form, the username and password text boxes have the yellow border, but the rest of the inputs do not. Also, the select boxes for Month, Day, and year have no outline in the main form, but they do in another "included" form on the page. So in all, 8 out of 30 form elements have the outline. I can style the elements all I want, but that outline/border is still there... And only in Opera.I am tempted to post a disclaimer for all the Opera fans out there. lolBTW. When I click in any of the inputs to give focus, the outlin
  7. I have searched every place I can think of for an answer to this one…Why does Opera put that hideous yellow border around the input “pword” and not “pword2”?<tr><td><b>Password:</b><br><input name="pword" type="password" size="30" maxlength="30" value="<%= session("pword")%>"></td><td><b>Verify Password:</b><br><input name="pword2" type="password" size="30" maxlength="30" value="<%= session("pword2")%>"></td></tr>Why does Opera put that hideous yellow border around the select box “mMonth” and not “
  8. Thanks for the replies Here is part of the code I am working with.<a href="upload.asp?id=<%= session("ID")%>" title="Upload Photos" alt="" rel="gb_page[500, 350]" onMouseover="ddrivetip('<center>Upload Photos</center>','#ddeeff', 50)"; onMouseout="hideddrivetip()"><img src="images/upload.gif" width="16" height="16" border="0" title="" alt=""></a>So actually, the Title is applied in the anchor rather than the image...Anyway, the title="Upload Photos" is used by the pop-up script as the caption in the header bar of the pop-up. I can set title="" and I do not
  9. Hi All On my site I have images that are links to pop-up functions. The javascript pop-up script uses the Title attribute of the image as the "Title" displayed in the pop-up. These images also have javascript tool-tips on the mouseover events. I would like to disable the "default" mouseover Alt/Title text messages for these images, so that only the tool-tips are displayed. Any Suggestions?ThanksDave
  10. I have a page that displays a number of divs that a user can drag and drop, and resize. The style properties of these divs are stored in a database. What I would like is to right click on a div and pop up a menu where one can edit the style properties such as border, background, etc… My two main problems right now are preventing the browser’s right click menu from displaying, and trying to figure out how to retrieve the properties from the target div.Anyone have any ideas?Thanks
  11. Hi all I have a page where many divs are generated by a database. Each of these divs has a set of Style properties stored in the database ie. Top, Left, Width, Height…<%tid = 1 do while not objRS.eof tmpStrng = "<div id='div" & tid & "' class='drsElement drsMoveHandle' style=" tmpStrng = tmpStrng + "left:" & objRS("pX") & "px;" tmpStrng = tmpStrng + "top:" & objRS("pY") & "px;" tmpStrng = tmpStrng + "width:" & objRS("pW") & "px;" tmpStrng = tmpStrng + "height:" & objRS("pH") & "px;" tmpStrng = tmpStrng + "border-width:" & objRS("pBorder
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