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  1. Don't forget that you don't always need the directory, also the extension is not always .asp it can be loads:.php.htm.html.css.js.asp.xlsThats just a few.
  2. Site Name: Dan-WilliamsonSite Description: Web PortfolioSite Owner/Developer: Dan WilliamsonSite Address: http://dan-williamson.co.ukExtra Comments: In development and I still have to upload most of my work.
  3. Are you using the correct XHTML list? such as: <ul> <li>Coffee</li> <li>Tea <ul> <li>Black tea</li> <li>Green tea</li> </ul> </li> <li>Milk</li></ul>
  4. Hello.I have had this argument many times with people and I will say it again; I started with tables and found people were just plain having a go at me due to the browser incompatibility as I was an IE6 user at the time. Anyway I looked into web standards and learned that tables were used for tabular Data and layouts aren't tabular data so I looked into XHTML and CSS I had like a 12 image site which I cut into 4 images due to better styling with CSS. This reduced loading time dramtically and I switched to Firefox and found my site looked better with CSS than tables and also loaded faster.I can guarentee most people would rather have a few DIVS than a crapload of tables as the code is much more efficient and clean code which is easier to edit. I would much rather have: body{font-family: tahoma;} In an external stylesheet than having a crapload of font tags in HTML like <font color="blue"></font> Because that is just plain annoying and cramps up your source code while you could have 6000 different fonts and not cramp up your index source file.
  5. Thanks for the great sites Force. and also I have seen your site before it's pretty slick. I have bought a huge video DVD off Ebay I just have to wait for delivery =]
  6. Yes I love the help files; they and W3schools got me started because a few days ago if someone were to say Motion Tween to me I would have said what??
  7. Every single webpage needs a DTD and I suggest you look up using XHTML transistional and then XHTML strict so you have clean valid code.
  8. Hello.Thanks for your input and i'll have a look at flash kit, and the symbol is GPB it's English Pound.ThanksDan Williamson
  9. Hello.I am currently very interested in getting into Flash and I have read and watched the tutorials on W3Schools and taken part in them, I have had some decent outcomes and I would like to extend my knowledge but I don't know where to go for the next steps.I don't really have a budget because I am only a student but I would be able to get upto £25 on my paypal. I would like Video Tutorials really but I wouldn't mind books or even online reading tutorials. I look forward to your input and hope to become a decent flash animator.Thanks,Dan Williamson
  10. G'dayMy name is Dan Williamson and I am a 14 year old student (young I know) and I am pretty good at XHTML & CSS which I always validate strict, I am currently getting interested in Flash and Actionscript.I hope to become a cool member of W3Schools Forums =]ThanksDan Williamson
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