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  1. I would love that silly questions are ok I'm trying to learn as much as possible but I also work a full time job that feels more like a full time & part time so I feel as if I'm not getting very far but ill just keep clicking along where did you used to work in r hill? Anyways good luck and hope to talk soon
  2. Hi there my name is Becky I am also new here I want to learn as much as I can so I can either apply those skills to my husbands business or actually acquire enough skills to get a real job. Heaven forbid I'm hoping to be able to do both. I've purchased the HTML plus CSS book and I'm very interested so not only am I new to W3schools but this is my first post in any forum so if I break the rules if you have any please do let me know. So a little about me I currently a Office Manager in an Auto Repair Shop called Carcone's in Richmond Hill, Ontario. I'm looking for a greener pasture and I si
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