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  1. aquaben


    Thanks works :)
  2. aquaben


    Hey stupid questionIs there a website/calculator out there that tells you exactly where on a web page you are. I am trying to indent to a specific pixel and in stead of tryal and error for a few hours wanted to know if any of you have a tool of some sort to help?
  3. The wya that I am learning at the moment as well seem familiar to Deidre's Dad is going on site where they let you customise a template for a web page, making it as you want it and reading the code and then trying yourself afterwards and seeing where you whent wrong.
  4. aquaben

    Linked Picture

    I'm trying to find a tutorial about how to make a picture a link aka as in click the picture and open a webpage
  5. aquaben


    Ok I'll admit im a noob (again lol ) could you explain what a server-side language?
  6. WOW had not noticed it thx mate
  7. Will do, I just re-started to learn HTML/CSS/Javascript last week, havn t touched in almost a decade. just another noob question, could you list me a few good external stylesheet?And also it now works
  8. just tried that after my post and still not showing up
  9. Also that is the only coding ive done on this page.
  10. heyanyone see a problem on my header since for a reason or another my background disapeared.<html><head><body>{ background-color:#A46FCC; background-image:url('17.jpg'); background-repeat:no-repeat; } h1 {text-align:center;} h2 {text-align:center;} h3 {text-align:left;) h4{text-align:left;} h5{text-align:center} h1{color:#B7FEF4} h2{color:#B7D3FE} h3{{color:#CFFEB7} h4{color:#FEDA87} h5{color:red} h3 {text-indent:50px;} h4 {text-indent:50px;} <a href="http://18.jpg" target="_blank"></a> 08-01-2009</body></head></html>
  11. aquaben


    Hey I'm just wondering if there si a possiblility to get a different background automaticly change either per day or time of day like we can with writting?Example with writting:<script type="text/javascript">var d = new Date();theDay=d.getDay();switch (theDay){case 5: document.write(<b>Today is Friday</b>"); break; case 6: document.write(<b>today is Saturday</b>);break; }</script>
  12. aquaben


    I will in about 5 hours when im on my other computer this one crashes every time i try pasting. or send me a PM with email and il send you the doc
  13. aquaben


    Thanks yet, its working for the first indent but the other 5 (even after changing there codes) the <hr> are still indented
  14. aquaben


    Tried that and even tried just saving as document.php and still doesn t let me save, it chooses document.php.txt
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