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  1. Thanks for the feedback Boen I appreciate it! It took me 10 hours to make... :s
  2. Well here's your chance to shoot to kill! What do you think to the layout of the site etc... not the content!
  3. Ah that's great, thanks for the further insight...As I develop more sites I can bear that in mind...You mentioned two things that I could do with clarification...You mention link farms and not to use them... why?And secondly you mentioned backlinks... Sorry for sounding really dumb but how do they work. For example if I got my link on a mates website would that be classed as a backlink?!PS. Thanks again for your help...
  4. Well as a moderator has pointed out already this isn't a scam, if it was it would be removed...Please can you help me? I'm just starting out building sites and such... It just so happens that I'm using a bit of initiative and I'm sorry if you don't like the content. If you're not happy with my evidence then do your own research instead of trolling...I need some guidance on SEO and how to improve it...
  5. Ok, I've tried the Google Webmaster Tools and seen how Google Bot fetches my page... I've submitted my site to the directories etc...Could it improve if I changed the domain for example if used "www.freeiphone" (Which is obviously taken already!) would it receive more hits and visits and rank higher than "www.yarmin.co.uk" due to the name in the domain?!
  6. Are you serious you really think I'm a scammer?! Would I really put this on this forum with the risk of it being searched... FreebieJeebies is completely legitimate and a well known company, I'm just using my intiative by putting it into a website form?! Sorry I didn't mean to cause any offence... but your quote at the end is almost accusing me of being a scammer "Yes I suspect you do"...All my family and most of my friends have signed up you really think I'd take that risk for the sake of an iPhone (Hmmm actually )!Anyways back on topic, the domain has been registered a while (it was my nickn
  7. It's just a referral based system! But don't worry about the content, it's legitimate, I just need help with the other side of things!
  8. Please can you review my website.www.yarmin.co.ukDisclaimer: Please note this is not advertising, I need some guidance! And please be soft on me because it's my 2nd site, I've been trying to learn and build them for the last 6 months only.I started it off in code and then finished it off with Dreamweaver and used templates also...Please can someone cast some guidance on why I'm not getting any hits on Google or any other search engine. I can't find it at all, even if I type in all sorts of searches! I think I've done something wrong in the coding! So for example if I do this search:site:yarmin
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