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  1. In my script tags in the head, I have:document.getElementById("mainLink").href = "http://www.google.com/";And in the body of the HTML, I have:<a id=mainLink" target="_blank">LinkText</a>But it's not working... what am I doing wrong?
  2. Oh, of course! Thanks again!
  3. Thank you, dsonesuk, that solution worked. And thanks everyone for your responses!Another question: How can I put a small space in between the block menu items in the horizontal menu?
  4. Hi, I'm pretty new at CSS, and I want to make a horizontal menu for a website.I was told that float:left on my unordered list would take it from vertical lameness to awesome horizontality - and it did - but I would like to center the menu on the page, and it is left-aligned.How can I make a horizontal menu that is centered?
  5. Hi Becky - we can ask silly questions together, and stay strong. I used to work in Richmond Hill, corner of Leslie and 16th.
  6. Hi, Long Con here. I've been a Flash Developer and Photoshop aficionado for a number of years, learning little pieces of HTML, CSS, and javascript when I needed them. Now, I'm trying to round myself out and actually gain some marketable skills with these things. So, you will probably see me asking some questions that make me look like a total noob - please don't judge me too harshly! I do know some stuff.
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