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  1. Thaks , for the tip.Lets say that I can not buy a windows server edition, what do you recomend me to do If i where to migrate these web sites to a free server platform?Thanks
  2. i am using w7 Home Permium edition as a server. Do you thing this could have any thing to do with it?
  3. Hi,I do not know if it is looping, but usualy when I order some execution like (SQL Query) after having the page opened form 1 or 2 minuts it's like the brower is executing but can not execut. Some of my firends on the other day told me the spent 30minuts waiting for the brower show up the info they needed.What do you mean by "the server may be used up"Thanks
  4. Hi, How is your FierWall, did you open the port?Filipe
  5. Hi, I've installed IIS7 and created a site that runs on the following tech:VB.Net,ASP.Net,SQL Server Express EditionI've been having some problems when I'am connected for some time to the website (1 our 2 minuts), it seems it looses the connection and the browser keeps looping until it gose timeout.I've setted up the IIS7 Connection time-out to 65000(seconds)Can any one help me?ThanksFilipe
  6. Hi People,I am building a web page using VB.NET and ASP.NET. On this page I have 2 tables, the first table has a dropdownbox and button for the user to select the data.On the Formload sub rotine I have a query to the data base in order to populate the dropdownbox on the first table.When the user selects the item on the dropdownbox and click on the Button, a second sub rotine is executed and will display the data on the secon table as well as a "continue" buttonMy example of the code on the 2 sub routine:" Protected Sub Selected_OnClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) 'Criação da tabela Adress Dim tr1 As TableRow Dim tc1 As TableCell Dim tc2 As TableCell Dim tc3 As TableCell Dim tc4 As TableCell Dim tc5 As TableCell Dim tc6 As TableCell 'Go to database Dim conexaoSQL1 As String Dim Cmd1 As SqlCommand Dim oDataRead As SqlDataReader 'Definir a Connection String conexaoSQL1 = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("ConnectionString") 'Instanciar um novo comando de SQL Cmd1 = New SqlCommand() 'Definir uma nova conxão Cmd1.Connection = New SqlConnection(conexaoSQL1) 'Abrir a conecção Cmd1.Connection.Open() 'adicinar o comando a executar ao objeto cmd Cmd1.CommandText = "MySQL_Comand" 'Activar a execussão de leitura oDataRead = Cmd1.ExecuteReader() 'Ler registo oDataRead.Read() If oDataRead.HasRows Then tr1 = New TableRow tc1 = New TableCell tc2 = New TableCell tc3 = New TableCell tc4 = New TableCell tc5 = New TableCell tc6 = New TableCell Dim rb0 As RadioButton rb0 = New RadioButton rb0.GroupName = "rbAdress" rb0.ID = "rbAdre0" tc1.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center tc1.Controls.Add(rb0) tr1.Controls.Add(tc1) Dim lblDescription0 As Label lblDescription0 = New Label lblDescription0.Text = "Home" lblDescription0.SkinID = "lblContentDesc" lblDescription0.ID = "lblDescription0" tc2.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center tc2.Controls.Add(lblDescription0) tr1.Controls.Add(tc2) Dim lblAdress0 As Label lblAdress0 = New Label lblAdress0.Text = oDataRead.Item("TXT_ADRESS").ToString lblAdress0.ID = "lblAdress0" lblAdress0.SkinID = "lblContentDesc" tc3.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Left tc3.Controls.Add(lblAdress0) tr1.Controls.Add(tc3) tbAdress.Controls.Add(tr1) End If 'Close ligaçõesi oDataRead.Close() Cmd1.Connection.Close() End sub" The user then Click on the radio button on table 2 and the clicks on the "continue" button. I then execute the folowing code: "Protected Sub continue_OnClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Dim rdbutton As String = "rbAdre0" Dim myRadioButton As RadioButton myRadioButton = New RadioButton myRadioButton = CType(tbAdress.FindControl(rdbutton), RadioButton) If myRadioButton.Checked = False Then Response.Redirect("NewTransportProcess2.aspx?SuppId=" & Page.Session.Item("ssSuppId")) End If End Sub"I keep getting the following error "{"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."}" Can any one help me?Thanks Filipe
  7. HiYou are using a Access database, aren't you ?On this data base do you have the ID on autonumber? If not change it to auto number then you may be adding the record over one that already exists.If you do not What to change to auto number you may need to do:1) Run a Query with the SQL code:SELECT ID FROM Phone_Numbers ORDER BY ID DESC2) With this result (exemple ID = 32 ) add one unitID = ID +133 = 32 +13) Run your query with the new ID number Hope it HelpsFilipe
  8. filipedine


    Hi,I'am doing web page in VB.net + ASP.NET and I can't make the checkbox change values.What I have is:On the PageLoad in a if not postback I go to the data base and fill the ASP form.This form has a buttuon that allows me to update the new values, but when it comes to the check boxs the values on the control do not change. Can any one Help me?I've already tryed to add a Handles checkbox..CheckedChanged on the sub class but with no result.Thanks Filipe
  9. Hi to all ,I've been using this code to send mails via HTML, but when a user downloads this message to the MsOutlook the message sent gets all scrambel. Can any one help me?I am using the folowing code:Imports System.Net.Mail... 'Obtain the Network Credentials from the mailSettings section Dim credential As New System.Net.NetworkCredential(arrUser(0), strPass) 'Create the SMTP Client Dim client As New SmtpClient() client.Host = strSMTPServer client.DeliveryMethod = SmtpDeliveryMethod.Network client.Credentials = credential 'Build Email Message Dim email As New MailMessage email.From = New MailAddress(strFrom) email.To.Add(strTo) email.Subject = strSubject email.DeliveryNotificationOptions = DeliveryNotificationOptions.OnFailure 'Location of filename FILE_NAME = locationfiles & strFileName Dim strMessageBody As String = "<HTML><BODY><P><B>WORLD HI</B><BR>COME AND GET ME EXEMPLE EXEMPLE EXEMPLE EXEMPLE </P><BODY></HTML>" email.Body = strMessageBody email.IsBodyHtml = True 'Send email client.Send(email) 'Clean Up client = Nothing email = Nothing...ThanksFilipe
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