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  1. list that I have listed should I hold on to add that database application that Herter absDB Database.here is the setup for fild type. INTEGER, TEXT, BLOB, DATETIME, FLOAT, boolean. what I have not figured out what is best to enter the list with! plan pulldown lists several,I wondered what was most these INTEGER, TEXT, BLOB, DATETIME, FLOAT, boolean? What do I use for what?
  2. 're stuck with what field type in the list below. I will make 5 ferently databases that will eventually be built into the apps up a tablet. has tried me on something not quite get me to the way I think to have Her is one of databases everything is written in Norwegian.... Kjøretøy idKommune Nr Kommune FylkeStasjons Navn Pre-hospitaltjenesteAlarmsentral 113Aktive Kallesignal BilummerTypebil Reg Nr Fabrikkmerke Modell Påbygg Betegnelse Års Modell HistorikkStatus
  3. keep on building on this page with html and css. I have a page that I might be a little out there to run on. whether it is right set up with codes or if there is anything I can improve on. http://www.modell-utrykning.com/ http://www.modell-utrykning.com/redingstjenesten/110_brannvesen/01_norsk/02_%20alarmsentral_brann_ost/02_%20alarmsentral_brann_ost.html http://www.modell-utrykning.com/redingstjenesten/110_brannvesen/01_norsk/05_hedemark_110_sentral/brannvesen/02_glamdal_brannvesen_iks/glamdal_brannvesen_iks.html http://www.modell-utrykning.com/redingstjenesten/110_brannvesen/01_norsk/05_hedemark_110_sentral/brannvesen/02_glamdal_brannvesen_iks/0402_kongsvinger/brannstasjon.html
  4. sorry that I forgot myself out but the language. but found out what was wrong with the script in the css file ... had to change it to @ charset "utf-8"; that it would work in FF and IE ...
  5. Hvordan kan jeg bruke dette oppsette på sidene. kjørte valid/correct markup og dette var det den fant valid/correct markupbut it added this<style type="text/css">/*<![CDATA[*/ strong.c5 {text-decoration: underline} div.c4 {text-align: left} span.c3 {text-decoration: underline} div.c2 {text-align: right} div.c1 {text-align: center}/*]]>*/</style>does not look like I have something to work after having corrected this up
  6. it is a common problem with mozilla firefox and IE that it can not read html and css ... tested this in Opera. here is the way I see it in DW.
  7. closing body tag. but looks like it will not appear in css file format, which I have inserted in the file. get the good out of the DW program, but not the browser. what am I doing wrongthis is the css script I use to this page and use this to multiple pages@charset "utf-Iso-8859-1";/* CSS Document */body,td,th { color: #FFFFFF; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif}body {background-color: #AF2B1E;}a:link {color: #FFFFFF;}a:visited {color: #FFFFFF;}a:hover {color: #FFFFFF;}a:active {color: #FFFFFF;}.stasjon {font-size: 36px}.kommune {font-size: 24px}.link {font-size: 18px}.dato {font-size: 18px}.tekst_info {font-size: 14px}.informasjon {font-size: 18px}.info_stasjon {font-size: 14px}.beredskap {font-size: 18px}.kjoretoy {font-size: 14px}
  8. struggling to get css to work with sammem html file. I have been css file in a separate folder and html file in another folder. but I can not address this configured in your web browser, but in the web program does this just fine. there are some who maybe see the errors or problem I see now ....thanks in advanceSite
  9. this is the new css charter i got now @charset "utf-Iso-8859-1";/* CSS Document */div#main { width: 750px; margin: 500px auto 0 auto;}body { background-color: #AF2B1E; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;}h1, h2, h3 { margin: 20px; padding: 5px; color: #000000;}h1.overskrift1 { font-size: 36px;}h2.overskrift2 { font-size: 24px;}h3.tekst normal { font-size: 11px;}div#overskrift1 { width: 750px;}div#overskrift2 { width: 750px;}div#tekst normal { width: 750px;}
  10. then I got cleaned up some of that. but still will not html and css work in your browser to view the color. but the program I work in such thinking falls fine.
  11. This is CSS file i working whit @charset "utf-Iso-8859-1";/* CSS Document */div#main { width: 750px; margin: 500px auto 0 auto;}{h1.overskrift1 { color: #000000 font-size: 36px;}}h2.overskrift2 { color: #000000 font-size: 24px;}{h3.tekst normal { color: #000000 font-size: 11px;}div#overskrift1 { width: 750px;}}div#overskrift2 { width: 750px; float: center;}}div#tekst normal { width: 750px;}
  12. this is the old appearance that I want to make new with css and html.old oneWorking whits thisThis is the one I have started to work with. but struggled to add bakgrund color. but also with the current date and date format. it looks you in the nose first link. but otherwise I'm working my down with the appearance of the first link.Hoping for answers posetive
  13. working with the new now. but are not so sure html and css I have made everything so soon. but thanks for the tips. drives to store and move over the old page in the new now. and work out from this, but I come to make css files with font background and other things I need to have face up to the level I want. but even worn I get the engine to work. there are some that it will not take the Norwegian character set right ... but should see a little more on this after I have been working on this.
  14. the first is old and the other is maybe the new layout I maybe take in use. but are open to suggestions for Santander a simple setup to work with the shape of the old. drivers to learn more html and css to use to create change my home site.Old oneNew one
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