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  1. I am wanting to create a gallery that shows all the animals at local animal centre, I know I want to use flash but I am not sure how to actually do it, does anyone know How to create something like in the image?I would like to be able to click on the thumbnail and for the animals details to be shown above along with a large image, and also would like to have buttons that go to the next 5 thumbnails. Is it possible?
  2. FC360

    help with website

    I never even thought about that and I have 1 running on my own website, I'll look into Fantastico see if the host has it
  3. FC360

    help with website

    hmmm well I have done a tiny bit of java programming and have done some XML editting, I'll have a look into doing it that way as I have no idea how to use databases, thanks
  4. I am helping out a charity with their website and they have some pages that have pictures and information about the animals they have and in order to update the pages I have to go into dreamweaver and edit the cell contents in the table on the page. I am pretty sure there is a easier way of doing this and was wondering if anyone knows any easy ways of doing this and also how?I was thinking of dynamic content so have a external file, xml or whatever, that has all the details about the animal so link to picture, breed, age etc and then have that put onto the page. I would like to see it automatically go to the next page if the first page gets full, so if I have each page set to display 6 animals and there are 10 in the external file then it creates a second page for the last 3 and puts a link on the first page. Is this possible?I have done some website developing before but there are some things that I don't know how to do like this.
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