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  1. Hello, for the longest time we were using FPDF to generate our pdf invoices. We recently upgraded to TCPDF and noticed we lost the bold font style. Our system admin says the font files are where they should be, in fact we can call $pdf->SetFont( 'Arial', 'BI', 10 ); and it is bold italic. Pass in 'I' and it is Italic but if we only pass in 'B' for bold, it display as normal font, no style. In the older FPDF, bold worked fine. Is there something we might be missing? We really need headers, certain labels and info to stand out in bold. Thank you for any help with this. Running the lat
  2. tripwater

    FPDF Help

    You are my hero!I also removed the call to AddPage() in InvoiceHeader();Here is my code now and it does in fact add the header now even with the multicell spilling over to page 2. Thank you so much.<?require( $RootPath.'/pdf/fpdf.php');//just prints the date top rightfunction InvoiceHeader( ){global $x;global $y;global $pdf;$x = .5;$y = .5;$pdf->SetXY( $x, $y );$pdf->SetFont( 'Arial', '', 8 );//setup fonts$pdf->Cell( 0, 0, "Printed On ".date( "Y-m-d" ), 0, 0, 'R' );}function PrintInvoiceTest(){global $pdf;global $dbname;global $RootPath;class PDF extends FPDF { function Header(
  3. tripwater

    FPDF Help

    Hello,Right now I have a function called InvoiceHeader() the does all the necessary queries in php to mysql and builds a header of company info and customer info. I take this function and use like so class PDF extends FPDF{function Header(){InvoiceHeader( );}} Now, this works in all cases when the page reaches the bottom and calls add page EXCEPT when a multicell spills over to a new page. The problem is that at the end of the invoice we print Signature____________________This signature has to be on a page with a invoice header so that the signed document can be linked to the other pages by
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