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  1. @Rough DivideI know I did a quick copy paste, some how I didn't noticed. Thanks for correcting it!@TomJust be aware that the most important factor of SEO are quality backlinks, meaning backlinks from relevant websites with good anchor text.
  2. From what I know the big three search-engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing don't value meta keywords. If someone would ask me would you use them? I would say no maybe only for the homepage.The most easiest thing to do for the index.html thing is using this:<a href="www.creativecorbo.co.uk">Home</a>Instead of:<a href="www.creativecorbo.co.uk/index.html">Home</a>Home is an example as anchor text.It can also be fixed by using some commands in the htaccess file I don't know it exactly so you should try to Google it if you prefer to fix it by using this method.About the directori
  3. Okay here we go:Heading tagsHeading tags (h1, h2 etc.), I don't notice much relevant keywords or phrases in the heading tags. Page titlePagetitle, kinda the idea as with the headings it should be <phrase> | <your website> not the way around and again use relevant keywords and phrases. What a relevant keywords or phrases? Well in a nutshell keywords or phrases which people would use as query to find your website on search-engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.Meta descriptionMeta description, this is the only meta tag which is important. This description will be shown in the Google
  4. Thanks! I was looking for a tutorial with an example didn't noticed this was also on W3schools
  5. Indeed, Joomla doesn't have clean code beside that their security isn't good either. If I need to recommend a CMS to someone it would be Wordpress or Drupal. Joomla also build some content still in tables while it should be in DIVs...
  6. Nice lay-out I like minimalistic designs how ever I would suggest to add more text when the page is loaded.Other points:- Wrong use of heading tags - <h1> should be used ones - <h2> should be used for subheadings.- Wrong use of alt tags at ALL images.- You could optimize your meta description: <meta name="description" content="Website of ApocalypeX, home to all his works." /> All his works? What works?- The same with your title tag.- Meta keywords arent used by the big three search-engines but if they do then you are keywordstuffing.- Line 54: <h2></h2> ??
  7. Okay my points of improvement as addition on the other posts: - too much darkness (try to find a good color scheme with balance) - inpage scrollbar (most people won't scroll such scrollbars)- use a other fontstyle and color (Times is not recommend for websites - and gray text on a dark background isn't good readable)- images need to be optimized (size, dimensions and alt text)- no heading <h1>etc. text - no meta description.[edit] typo
  8. Nice website looks quite okay! I'm not a huge fan of dark websites but this color scheme is fine. On the area of SEO you can do maybe some improvements
  9. I use Wordpress and Drupal, I design the themes myself so I still do HTML and CSS. The reason I use a CMS for these websites is simple, I build it but I'm not the only maintainer meaning others (without knowledge of HTML and CSS) need to be able to update the website too. Beside that there is a lot of dynamic content so having a system behind it is a must have. With Wordpress and Drupal I can do everything what I desire and the code is clean. I read some people prefer to build their own system well I thought of that. But why spending so much time in something what already is there and which is
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