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  1. @Rough DivideI know I did a quick copy paste, some how I didn't noticed. Thanks for correcting it!@TomJust be aware that the most important factor of SEO are quality backlinks, meaning backlinks from relevant websites with good anchor text.
  2. From what I know the big three search-engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing don't value meta keywords. If someone would ask me would you use them? I would say no maybe only for the homepage.The most easiest thing to do for the index.html thing is using this:<a href="www.creativecorbo.co.uk">Home</a>Instead of:<a href="www.creativecorbo.co.uk/index.html">Home</a>Home is an example as anchor text.It can also be fixed by using some commands in the htaccess file I don't know it exactly so you should try to Google it if you prefer to fix it by using this method.About the directories, if it is easier to manage then just keep it like that how ever dashes are a must have. The weight of a good directory structure isn't much so maybe easier management is more important in your case.
  3. Okay here we go:Heading tagsHeading tags (h1, h2 etc.), I don't notice much relevant keywords or phrases in the heading tags. Page titlePagetitle, kinda the idea as with the headings it should be <phrase> | <your website> not the way around and again use relevant keywords and phrases. What a relevant keywords or phrases? Well in a nutshell keywords or phrases which people would use as query to find your website on search-engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.Meta descriptionMeta description, this is the only meta tag which is important. This description will be shown in the Google SERPs (result page) when a search query is done. I will take as example your meta description of your homepage/index which is: Hi, we’re the corbos and this is our website. We live in Bristol, England. The basic idea is to show art and photos right? Shouldn't it be in there then? I mean if I were looking for photos, art or what so ever would I click that webpage? No! Make it attractive like a small advertisement. I also noticed some pages don't have any description at all!URLsThe Corbo URL in the menu is pointing towards: http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk/index.html which should be http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk in the current situation both pages will be indexed differently. When I click on archive and then again archive I get a dead URL.The URL: http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk/mainphoto/o...0mainphoto.html EXAMPLE could be: http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk/photo/october-2010.html or http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk/photo-october-2010.htmlThe URL: http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk/greenhouse/...greenhouse.html EXAMPLE could be: http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk/greenhouse/october-2010.html or http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk/photo/green...tober-2010.htmlWhy? On the way you did it is one long word, by using a dash (-) you separate the words. With complete optimization you will be found for example on: photo greenhouse, greenhouse photo, october 2010 photo etc.I also noticed your website is accessible by using www and no www:- http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk- http://creativecorbo.co.ukAgain search-engines might be indexing both pages separated again. You can use the htaccess file to force one of both, which doesn't matter as long you choose one!No WWW use: RewriteEngine OnRewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^your-site.com$ [NC]RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://your-site.com/$1 [L,R=301] Force WWW use: RewriteEngine OnRewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^your-site.com [NC]RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.your-site.com/$1 [L,R=301] If your webhost doesn't support htaccess file you can also simply enter your preferences in the Google Webmaster Central. Setting up Google webmaster central right up is a must as webmaster.ImagesWell with images there is not much to optimize just use the same method with the dash when you use multiply words as filename. Also make sure you use good ALT text, on the page: http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk/ourart/2010ourart.htmlI found the following ALT text on a image: <img class="centre1" src="http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk/images/ourart2010/dino.jpg" border="0" width="250" height="250" alt="dino pic"> While it brings you to: "Card designs and illustrations" shouldn't be the ALT text something like that? I know it doesn't describe the image but it does describe where it is going to. Other option is making from the text: Card designs and illustrations a URL just make sure you put it above the picture!Source codeDidn't checked it at the W3-validator if you didn't you should do it! Also remove the extra white spaces in the source code sometimes it is a lot :)Well till so far my tips there are more but those are the most basic ones good luck!
  4. Thanks! I was looking for a tutorial with an example didn't noticed this was also on W3schools
  5. Indeed, Joomla doesn't have clean code beside that their security isn't good either. If I need to recommend a CMS to someone it would be Wordpress or Drupal. Joomla also build some content still in tables while it should be in DIVs...
  6. Nice lay-out I like minimalistic designs how ever I would suggest to add more text when the page is loaded.Other points:- Wrong use of heading tags - <h1> should be used ones - <h2> should be used for subheadings.- Wrong use of alt tags at ALL images.- You could optimize your meta description: <meta name="description" content="Website of ApocalypeX, home to all his works." /> All his works? What works?- The same with your title tag.- Meta keywords arent used by the big three search-engines but if they do then you are keywordstuffing.- Line 54: <h2></h2> ?????
  7. Okay my points of improvement as addition on the other posts: - too much darkness (try to find a good color scheme with balance) - inpage scrollbar (most people won't scroll such scrollbars)- use a other fontstyle and color (Times is not recommend for websites - and gray text on a dark background isn't good readable)- images need to be optimized (size, dimensions and alt text)- no heading <h1>etc. text - no meta description.[edit] typo
  8. Nice website looks quite okay! I'm not a huge fan of dark websites but this color scheme is fine. On the area of SEO you can do maybe some improvements
  9. I use Wordpress and Drupal, I design the themes myself so I still do HTML and CSS. The reason I use a CMS for these websites is simple, I build it but I'm not the only maintainer meaning others (without knowledge of HTML and CSS) need to be able to update the website too. Beside that there is a lot of dynamic content so having a system behind it is a must have. With Wordpress and Drupal I can do everything what I desire and the code is clean. I read some people prefer to build their own system well I thought of that. But why spending so much time in something what already is there and which is much more developed and secure?
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