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  1. You need to upload a description (image) of what you are trying 2 archieve!
  2. No sibling is controling another sibling, it is just a way of targeting an element. #first ~ #second:hover{visibility:visible} which means:refrence and style any element's :hover, with id="second", that is preceeded by another element, with id="first".
  3. Both works, except you have error(s) in your code!
  4. It is just the same as creating a normal nav buttons in the nav bar.
  5. Yeah, but its still an object. Using the " new" keyword, just create a clone (copy/instance/prototype).
  6. function a(){}a.name="You"a.age;alert(a.name)//prints: 'You'. is it a good idea to defined object this way?
  7. you were wrong, but now, you are wright!
  8. Well, i think ingolme is wright! Why not give it a try and c 4 yourself?
  9. Is it advisable to be using anonymous function instead of the normal regular function all-the-time?REGULAR function dName(){[code]} ANONYMOUS dName=function(){[code]}
  10. Instead of doing all this, y not create a New style object (tag), and append (insert) it into the head tag? I mean, something like this: style=document.createElement('style');rules=document.createTextNode('*{margin:0px; padding:0px}');style.appendChild(rules);document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(style)
  11. Your syntax is valid but the path to the image should be: p.back{background-image:url('../graphics/misc/back_glad.gif)'}
  12. Does anyone have an idea concerning this Question?
  13. If i set a cookie on a visitor's marchine(s), and there are also other cookies already present in that marchine, how will document.cookie know the one that was set by my site? Or is document.cookie just going to return all the cookies in that system? I just dont understand this cookies of a thing!
  14. document.createElementNS(arg1,arg2) What does this document's method do? i know arg2, defineds the type of element to be CREATED, but what about arg1?
  15. What JSG is saying, is that you should test for one particular Value inside the Array. Ex: If for example, you want to get the first value inside the Array (ondays), then you will do something like this: if(ondays[0]=="A")//if the first value in the Array is: A.
  16. Drycodez

    New Class

    I guess what you have up there, is a user defined Object: ex: function class(){} slideShow=new class
  17. Yep, you can, but you need to insert (append) the newly created div, into the body, before you get the element with: document.getElementById() .
  18. Drycodez

    >--> This

    I got that! I guesx what i was trying toDO does't work that way. Thanks SM!
  19. Drycodez

    >--> This

    this keyword, is supposed to refer >--> to the Object itself, but if it is in a regular function, it refers >--> to the object that calls it. The example below dont seems to work: function C(){this.style.color="blue"}<input type="submit" value="color" onclick="C()"/> since the fuction is not an object but just a function, it is supposed to change the botton text color="red". What do you think about this? Or am i wrong?
  20. I have seen some script, where by the author use logical operators this way: if(1==1&2==2) and if(1==1|2==2) . Is it wright to use it that way, or this way: if(1==1&&2==2) and if(2==2||2==2) ? PSNotice the two && and || in the last example.
  21. How can one create a two ways function (a function that can act as a reg function & as an object),whithout geting any error(s)?EX: var x=new func();//create a new obj.var y=func()//return value or/and run a script.
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