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  1. Been going strong from 8am-12pm and still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.I'm trying to merge the drop-down functionality of this menu: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/anylinkcss.htmWith the menu presently on my site: http://rutholsonphoto.com/testbuild/index.phpEverything SEEMS to be declared and named properly, yet I'm not getting the drop-down menus.It's probably something very small that I'm missing, I'm just not putting the pieces together well here.
  2. Maybe. *I'm so sorry CSS-GOD. I'll never use po****** again!*Quick thing, not js related anymore, but would you happen to know why I had to margin-left: -1px; my rss.png icon in order to make it line up with the image underneath? Even when you first gave me that revised code to follow, there was a small 1px gap between rss and twitter that I just could not figure out where it came form.
  3. Ok. I dunno what happened. I haven't uploaded ANYTHING. I hard refreshed FF and Chrome 7-10 times each (ctrl+F5) and then everything finally worked. That was very very weird. What do you think happened? Server hiccup?
  4. Ok I just went into FileZilla, downloaded the files, and viewed them in both Dreamweaver and Notepad++...everything is how I said, lowercased.I have no idea why you're seeing an uppercased "Menu", nor why Chrome and FF aren't displaying correctly yet IE is (which is the pickiest of all browsers).
  5. That's EXTREMELY odd because On NetBeans it's all lowercased...Let me do a physical download and check.
  6. I'm looking...and I did change all of the cases when I changed the ones in the php file. So everything SHOULD be matching.
  7. Ok I was working with Chrome and NetBeans all day long at work making adjustments and so forth to the site.I got home, launched up Chrome, opened up the link to the test site...and my java isn't working, and my links are purple. I have no clue what's going on with my version of Chrome, compared to the one at work. Funny thing is...it works fine in both FF and IE.Correction: NOTHING is working in Chrome, the Fade In/Out effect is broken in FF, and IE is just fine. That is HIGHLY weird.
  8. Oh you meant in the snetwork div? Sorry about that. I've since changed it to use margins lol. Anything else wrong before I move on lol?
  9. What on Earth are you talking about lol? I removed the positioning when you asked me to.OMG...I don't remember getting rid of that...and I can't remember where it was either lol.Figured it out. Thanks for the heads up on that.Now...time for me to jump back over to the java thread so I can integrate this PITA fade in/out effect.Is there anything else you see that I mistakenly got rid of?
  10. Ok well I haven't removed the overflow hidden yet, but I know that I do not want those images moving wherever they feel like as the page resizes. I need that fixed to be 720px from the left edge of "header_bg.png". But I'm not sure how to make reference to that wrapper div in order to place these and lock them.
  11. Seems there's a mistake that I didn't account for. As I resize the window bigger, those icons are slowly sliding over to the left. If someone has a large monitor (like an Apple Cinema 30" display), those buttons will seem to cover the logo/title of the page.How do I lock those?
  12. LMAO ok, ok, ok. I'm still new, so I keep forgetting all of the different ways you can do this. But will that overflow still affect my icon if I use margin as well?Ok nevermind. Now...why did using positioning cut my last icon in half, whereas using margin didn't?
  13. Ok I've figured to go into the #snetwork a.twitter & #snetwork a.rss to override the positions with a relative 10px & 20px value, but my rss button gets cut in half after all of this. Why's that?EDIT: I took off the overflow: hidden feature. Is this going to break anything else if I do this? It seems to alleviate my icon getting cut in half.
  14. Ok. Now my intention was to NO have the buttons butt up against one another. They need 10px of space between each. The position of the first button, however, is just fine. Would I use a right padding for that? Didn't work lol.
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