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  1. They are not working. Do I need to specify Unicode? They do not print or find properly either. Thanks!while($line=fgets($fh)){ $eachline[$entries] = $line; $entries++;}$startatline = 0;while($startatline <= $entries){ $findtab = strpos($eachline[$startatline], "\t" ); $barname=substr($eachline[$startatline], 0, $findtab-1); $findcr = strpos($eachline[$startatline], "\r" ); $baraddress=substr($eachline[$startatline], $findtab, $findcr-1); echo $barname; echo $baraddress; echo '\r'; echo '\n'; $startatline++;}
  2. sepoto

    PHP Substring

    Nevermind! Just caught it. strpos. Thanks.
  3. sepoto

    PHP Substring

    My substring function is returning a syntax error yet I see nothing of the kind. Thanks!$fh = fopen("sportsbars.csv", 'r') or die("Failed to create file");$entries = 0;$eachline = array();while($line=fgets($fh)){ $eachline[$entries] = $line; echo $eachline[$entries], "\r"; $entries++;}$startatline = 0;while($startatline <= $eachline){ $findpos = strpos($eachline[$startatline], '\t'); substr(strpos($eachline[$startatline], 0, $findpos);}
  4. var myOptions = { zoom: 8, center: latlng, mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP }Is this an array? If I know exactly what it is I can read documentation about. Can someone please define?Thanks!
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