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  1. Hi,I'm starting to use wordpress.I placed an event calendar made with WP Events Calendar 6.7.8. in a post.My question is: is it possible to embed this calendar (just the calendar, not the post) in my website (not the wordpress site, a "normal" one) as it happens when I embed google calendar ?Thank you !best regardsGabriele
  2. Sorry, I just made I wrong setting in the windows explorer (setting home).There isn't any problem.regardsGabriele
  3. hi,in the web site I have a link written like this: <a href="http://pubblicazioni.saga.it/publishing/AP/index.do?org=arcene" title="Apre una nuova finestra" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">Albo pretorio online</a><br />it works fine in the sense that it really opens the link in a new window. But if I click a "new tab" in the new window and then I open a link in the new tab in addition to opening the link it opens also a new tab with the first link.I dont understan why.To verfy what I mean; the page is: http://www.comune.arcene.bg.it/the link that works in this
  4. Everything O.K. now !thank you very muchHave a nice sunday.Gabriele
  5. Good morning,there is a problem and the page doesn't work.The problem is most probably here:$(this).attr("href", "java script:void(0)"); //IMPORTANT remove space between java and script, forum put in a space when postingYou can see the page here (http://www.farchemia.it/prova/index.php?bg=prodlist)Thank youGabriele
  6. Thank you very much.Another question (until you don't run out of patience...):In products.php (or html) I don't have the <head>...</head> as it must be inserted as a piece of code into index.php when the page is called by tje menu.So I can't add <script>...</script>I imagine I have to add it into index.php, or is there another method to add it just to products.html (or php) ?Thank you again...gabriele
  7. Thank you.why is the script needed ? And why is the array needed?isn't it possible to write jast a command like :a href onclick...being the href the image I want to display into the div ?On the left of the div I have simple list of names of the productsEach item of the list could just open its related image when on click ...Is it possible ?
  8. Hello Dsoneuk,I'm uable to make the php work. On the other hand it is perhaps not the best solution the reload the pages each time on product is clicked.Could you suggest a simpe way with css and some javascript ?In the old version of the web site I had something similar (http://www.farchemia.it/fotopicc.htm#nogo).As usual it was copied and pasted from a ready to use demo and just adapetd.regardsgabriele
  9. Thank you very much. Now I cannot try. I will do it asap and let you know.Do you prefer a send a personal message to you or will you check the forum ?Many thanksgabriele
  10. index php launches prodlist.phpprodlist.php contains on the left the list of the products and on the right the div "gallery" that displays the image
  11. now the page doesn't display anything.Perhaps I made a cut and paste error ?
  12. Yes, this was the error.Anyway I can't use this method because prodlist.php is already loaded by index php. When I chose i product just prodlist is reloaded and I lose the header and also the formatting of the page.I fear I will have to try the javascript metod.Thank yougabriele
  13. I found the mistake I made.Your suggestion works perfectly !Once again: thank you so much.Regardsgabriele
  14. Thank youI copied your code but probably I made some mistake because now the page is not worning (nothing appears on the page:http://www.farchemia.it/prova/prodlist.php)
  15. Thank you ShadowMage and Dsonesuk !Dsonesuk is well aware about my previous questions ! In those cases I was working on an "istitutional" web site with many constraints about accessibility and javascript was not allowed (or at least the page must work with javascript disabled).I'm now trying to update the website on the Company for which I'm working (as a Chemist not as Webmaster...) and I would say that I'm free to use anything.I made a trial adapting the code used in index.php where "gallery" div receives the input as php command.The result (not working) is here http://www.farchemia.it/prova
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