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    Form Buttons?

    so whats the full code then?
  2. Oki want it to redirect when you click itit wont do iti thought the code was either <form action="submitted.html"><input type="button" value="Submit"</form> or <input type="button" value="Submit" action="submitted.html"></form> Please help
  3. thanks for that that worked well just 1 thingi only need oneso how do i remove Item1 and just leave Item 0
  4. thats not what i want reallyI just want it with text and not images
  5. I want an expanding menu so when you click the main link more links are under it if you know what i mean...Like thisLink--- Hidden Link--- Hidden LinkAnd the hidden links appear when you click the linkId like it to be in JavaScript if possible as i am not familiar with CSS.I have googled it but they dont seem to work
  7. okbut where do i put thefunction protect(form) {if (document.passform.password.value == "password here") { alert("Password correct, forwarding..."); document.location.href="members.html";} else { alert("Password Incorrect");} Im not really sure what im doing.
  8. If i have a dropdown menu. i want to be able to pick one of the options, and it links to that page.
  9. ki really dont understandEither if you could give me the whole code...or i just dont bother
  10. Ok..Im not sureso..If i have a form that looks like this : <form name="input" action="logintest2.htm" method="get"><br>Password<input type="password" name="LastName" value="" size="20"><br><input type="submit" value="Submit"> How do i make it so there is a set password and if they get it right they go to one pageif they get it wrong they go to another?
  11. how do i make that cookie?
  12. how do you do that?
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