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    Form Buttons?

    so whats the full code then?
  2. Oki want it to redirect when you click itit wont do iti thought the code was either <form action="submitted.html"><input type="button" value="Submit"</form> or <input type="button" value="Submit" action="submitted.html"></form> Please help
  3. thanks for that that worked well just 1 thingi only need oneso how do i remove Item1 and just leave Item 0
  4. thats not what i want reallyI just want it with text and not images
  5. I want an expanding menu so when you click the main link more links are under it if you know what i mean...Like thisLink--- Hidden Link--- Hidden LinkAnd the hidden links appear when you click the linkId like it to be in JavaScript if possible as i am not familiar with CSS.I have googled it but they dont seem to work
  7. okbut where do i put thefunction protect(form) {if (document.passform.password.value == "password here") { alert("Password correct, forwarding..."); document.location.href="members.html";} else { alert("Password Incorrect");} Im not really sure what im doing.
  8. If i have a dropdown menu. i want to be able to pick one of the options, and it links to that page.
  9. ki really dont understandEither if you could give me the whole code...or i just dont bother
  10. Ok..Im not sureso..If i have a form that looks like this : <form name="input" action="logintest2.htm" method="get"><br>Password<input type="password" name="LastName" value="" size="20"><br><input type="submit" value="Submit"> How do i make it so there is a set password and if they get it right they go to one pageif they get it wrong they go to another?
  11. how do i make that cookie?
  12. how do you do that?
  13. Do you know what it is???
  14. Is there a code that makes a page password protectedSo like you go on the page and it comes up with a prompt box saying enter password. Then if its right it redirects to the page selected and if its wrong it redirects to a page with Wrong PasswordIf there is please tell me
  15. ...678

    iFrames Help

    Thanks for thatit works
  16. ...678

    iFrames Help

    With that code, where do i put the link that it changes to?AlsoIll try and explain better.On the site there is the navigation, and the content shows in an iFrame in a different section. So I want to be able to click the link on the navigation and the iFrame changes to the content that that link would showWhat are table designs?If you could post a link that would help alot
  17. ...678

    iFrames Help

    Ok.Im making a website, and im using iframesbut i dont know how to make it so that if you click the link on the navigation, the iFrame changes to that pageCan anyone help?
  18. ...678

    How do you?

    ThanksIve tried iFrames but they really mucked me up
  19. ...678

    How do you?

    Is it possible to have a text box, and have a scroll bar in it so if you put lots of text, it has a scroll bar down the side...?If so please tell me the code
  20. ...678

    PHP Tutorial

    i think it should have the basics like etc.
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