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    ebay script

    I need to put up a tab menu (http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/tabcontent.htm) in an ebay listing. Is there any special way to add scripts to a listing. I have tried but it doesnt seem to work. Is there any way I can get that tab menu working ?I have seen a lot of listings on ebay put up jscript but couldnt figure out how they did it.
  2. If you need a flash form let me know. Thanks live example: virtualdz.com/email_form.swf
  3. is there also a way like using flash8 video encoderwhich turns the video to an .flv file ready to be displayed via flash8+
  4. <a href="http://www.site.com" onmouseover="window.status='';return true" onMouseOut="window.status='';return true" target="_blank">Link</a>
  5. virtualadz

    Flash Video

    I want to play for example divx/avi-files in a flash-window? Normally, when such a video is embedded into a HTML-page MediaPlayer is loaded and plays the video.But how can I achieve this with Flash?
  6. Or still better use a domain name like virus.com, curious visitors will be popping in.
  7. Nice site, just make it a little bit colourful.
  8. virtualadz

    PHP security

    yeah that's right, taking user input means inviting hackers too. But i dont have anything to do with database. Just want to use the PHP for header n footer and some other functions.
  9. virtualadz

    PHP security

    Just wanted to know that. Thanks
  10. virtualadz

    PHP security

    Hi thanks for your answer. I was just looking for a practical answer. Read it but I m more than a newbie to it.So What i have done is made a php file as index.php and then included header through <?php require('header.php'); ?>The rest is every bit HTML, nothing to be related to database or any advanced functions.
  11. virtualadz

    PHP security

    HiI was wondering whether there will be any risk in using PHP pages. What i wanna do is that just make the site in PHP for including header and footer (through include command), so there's no need to edit all the pages. Will there be any threat.Supose i have index.php and then footer.php and header.php and no other php filessssss. When using PHP is there any need to add other special code for protection or just simple HTML would do. There would be no dynamic things just want to use PHP for header n footer.Any threat ?Thankss
  12. A Happy New Year to you all. The chase to 007 is finally over
  13. put the links in the left and the image by their side at right.
  14. For a newbie. it's cool...Just arrange the links and images..........and rest with time everything will be ok
  15. Google it a bit.Moreover this site has articles and a forum too http://www.seochat.com/I came for Web Designing.http://www.bhuratea.com/
  16. Well, I dont think there is any shortcut to this1 if your users find the ads useful they click it2. location must be on top3. Add More Content.Read articles on the net, they are quite useful.I am from Banyan Tree School.
  17. Hello Prateek,Content is what you need to have. Almost everyone today knows that you can make money through these Ads, so basically write something exciting which drives users. Most probably the visitors that you currently have are your friends or from this site. Does any visitor come from Search engines as well. Look for that.Post more of content(myan ki khubsurati se kya hota hai.......talvar ki dhar dekho)I have 75% as my CTR for today.BTW: I have been to ur school (APJ), just a month or so ago, you had an annual fest or something.
  18. I have added this code but the song plays only in IE and not in Firefox ?? is something wrong with dis ??<noembed><bgsound src="love.mp3" loop="1"></noembed><embed src="love.mp3" autostart="true" loop="1" hidden="true" height="0" width="0"></embed>
  19. Firefox (1.5, 2) is a whole lot better.........i havent had any anti-virus program for months now...and still running safe........IE needs some (many though) improvements. But i heard that recently in Firefox the passwords were leaked through it's Password Managar program.........i havent turned it off since then. Do u think it can be a risk........ also is Any 1 using password manager currently.
  20. From his signature. else click this link:Download Context
  21. sure...i wil keep practising it..playing it well and understand each concept level by level. I never knew i did get into this. 2 yrs ago started with web design (and still havent completed the HTML tutorials of this site). but i left web design (i dont know why). When i joined the institute i thought of taking JAVA, and he advised me for a base in C++. though i dont know wat i m going to do with it. Also need to manage schools with that BTW: i like ur site layout, especially the numberings.
  22. torture, huh , u frightening away a newbie
  23. Got it, i just thought of doing a re-install, until the idea of one last attempt hit me. thanks for ur help, else i would have been forever searching the std command
  24. Got it !it shows without error.through File> Project from Existing Code > and in the "Specify Project Settings" step.......i clicked on to add support for ATL, MFC, and Common language runtime.and used the project type as "Console Application project"there also other options under project type like "Windows Application Project", Dynamically Linked Library (DLL) project" and "Static Library Project"..............do i need to know which one to use or just continue with Console Application projectone more thing do i need to use this using namespace std; in each and every program?many thanks !!!!
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