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  1. well, I'm in college studying graphics design and I'm also interested in web development. Since these jobs are easy to outsource, it makes me worry about job security, so I'm trying to find careers that are secure (besides just the medical field)
  2. I thought I heard that network systems analyst jobs were hard to outsource, but I could be wrong. Does anyone know which IT jobs are safest from outsourcing?
  3. Thanks. Wasn't sure how it worked. still sounds useful, though.
  4. Hi. I'm curious about attending w3, but I wanted to know a few things about it. I hope you don't mind my questions.I was wondering, is there a time limit to the the w3 curriculum? Do you work entirely at your own pace? EG: could take from a few weeks to a few years to finish or never depending on your motivation and available time. Most traditional colleges for example would have classes last for one semester. Does W3 do that?Do W3 schools do transcripts? If I get certified in php from W3 schools, would that potentially transfer to a traditional college as a course credit if I took the certifi
  5. Looks good from a technical standpoint, but you could use some better graphics and probably a little seo.
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