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  1. Ah, thanks!Will look into that, otherwise I suppose I'll have to leave the idea of part-reloading.Thanks for the very quick answer!
  2. Hello! :)I'm building a webshop that won't update more than it needs, for example it won't reload the whole webpage when you are clicking down among the categorys.Thing is, when I use frames, it works perfectly in Chrome, but not in FF or IE.When I use iframes, it only shows half of my header file.So, my questions are:1. What are the differences between frames and iframes?2. What should I do to solve the problem?Thanks in advance! :)My codes are:Index: <HTML><HEAD><META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Krigsgrossisten, warhammer"</META><META NAME="description" CONTENT="Söker du warhammer figurer till billiga priser? Välkommen in!"</META></HEAD><BODY><iframe name="top" src="head.html" frameborder="0" align="center" scrolling="no" width="100%" heigth="20%"></BODY></HTML> Header: <HTML><BODY><div align="right"><object width="70" height="15"><param name="login" value="flash\login_butt.swf"><embed src="flash\login_butt.swf" width="70" height="25"></embed></object></div><IMG SRC="pic\kg-logo.jpg" ALIGN="LEFT"HEIGTH="150"WIDTH="100"><br><h1><center>Krigsgrossisten</center></h1><HR ALIGN="left"WIDTH="100%"><center><object width="500" height="25"><param name="menu" value="flash\menu.swf"><embed src="flash\menu.swf" width="550" height="50"></embed></object></center><HR ALIGN="left"WIDTH="100%"></BODY></HTML>
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