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  1. eduard


    I think many of you remember me, I´m Eduard Lid. Now living in The Netherlands – from 2009 until june of this year in south-america (Chile, Argentina). Next year I´ll probably move to Spain and I would like to earn y money as a webdesigner I now have 2 websites on line: http://www.website2012.site40.net http://www.eduardlid2013.com This year I already want to earn money by the website: http://www.peopleperhour.com Please could you tell me what you think of it?
  2. What´s Inspect Element and how does it work?
  3. That's what I'm looking for: light style! But how?
  4. Ok, thanks! (I'll come tomorrow back to you!)
  5. eduard

    Border around link?

    With me perhaps no, but a computer can't ly (p.s. solid grey I took from an example of the css tutorial of W3Schools!)
  6. eduard

    Border around link?

    Question: What was first? (OR who started first:me or you?)
  7. How do I make my links look more professional? (Jquery?)
  8. eduard

    Border around link?

    Chicken or the egg?
  9. eduard

    Border around link?

    I already wrote my reply above!
  10. eduard

    Border around link?

    FIXED! (What a high expectations do you have of me, but this wasn't that simple as earlier mentioned!)
  11. eduard

    Border around link?

    The validator says: Congratulations?
  12. eduard

    Border around link?

    If I should send you the right code why should I send you a question?How do I obtain the right code?Answer: by trying (copy and paste not possible!) P. s. I use this correct code, problem remains!
  13. eduard

    Border around link?

    How is that possible? (after validating!)My html doc has errors, but not related to my links!My css file has no errors?
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