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    Upload Video

    I am new to uploading videos to the website. Can someone suggest a simple way to upload video to the website and update? What software is needed in order to upload or encoding? Please help. Thanks.
  2. jojay

    Web Design

    I want to learn web design more of design layouts, navigation, etc. Can some one please suggest a good site to learn these stuffs?
  3. jojay

    Excel Problem

    I have a problem with matching columns in excel spreadsheet. I have the following:Column A - /jj/JOJAY Column B - 1234Column C - AndyColumn A - dd/AndyColumn B - 3456Column C - JOJAYI want to match the column A with column C and do a sort to fetch the correct username. I tried doing with VLOOKUP and it isn't giving me what I want. How will I do that? Can someone please help? Thanks.
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