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  1. jojay

    Upload Video

    I am new to uploading videos to the website. Can someone suggest a simple way to upload video to the website and update? What software is needed in order to upload or encoding? Please help. Thanks.
  2. jojay

    Web Design

    I want to learn web design more of design layouts, navigation, etc. Can some one please suggest a good site to learn these stuffs?
  3. jojay

    Excel Problem

    I have a problem with matching columns in excel spreadsheet. I have the following:Column A - /jj/JOJAY Column B - 1234Column C - AndyColumn A - dd/AndyColumn B - 3456Column C - JOJAYI want to match the column A with column C and do a sort to fetch the correct username. I tried doing with VLOOKUP and it isn't giving me what I want. How will I do that? Can someone please help? Thanks.
  4. Read the article below, it tells how to update XML,XSL files using asp, if you are familiar with asp coding.http://xmlfiles.com/articles/michael/editingxml/default.aspHope this helps.
  5. jojay

    Script error -

    I am not sure but it can be becoz you have commented out the conn.close and conn = nothing. That error usually happens when the connection is open. It is better if you just post the code where the line says error, then it is easier to identify.
  6. jojay

    ASP Error

    What does the above quote mean? Do you have only lastname as database field? where does the username and password come from? In your error message, the error will point out to your filename and line number, where does it points to?
  7. Check the link below:http://www.devx.com/vb2themax/Tip/18635
  8. jojay

    Bind xml to html

    If you are trying Data Island using javascript just like the previous one, then it should be something like the one below. I have worked out a sample code:xml file:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?><mani_stats> <User> <steam_id>{ "version" "V1.2BetaN RC1" "1" { "na" "(SVB)Tbonekiller" "st" "STEAM_0:1:1163382" "ip1" "10" "ip2" "0" "ip3" "0" "ip4" "2" "lc" "1148572704" "rwhiteness.xsl </steam_id> <name>killer" "st" "STEAM_0:1:1163382" "ip1" "10" "ip2" "0" "ip3" "0" "ip4" "2" "lc" "1148572704" "rwhiteness.xsl </name> <kills>153236592</kills> <deaths>170013218</deaths> <suicides>576941090</suicides> <headshots>825303561</headshots> <kd_ratio>0.000011</kd_ratio> </User> <User> <steam_id>k" "1" "de" "5" "hs" "4" "kd" "1.200000" "ki" "6" "su" "0" "po" "1010.458862" "pd" "0.000000" "tk" "0" "to" "2179" "da" "1273" "hh" "6" "hc" "13whiteness.xsl </steam_id> <name>"su" "0" "po" "1010.458862" "pd" "0.000000" "tk" "0" "to" "2179" "da" "1273" "hh" "6" "hc" "13whiteness.xsl </name> <kills>153248100</kills> <deaths>926036258</deaths> <suicides>571089459</suicides> <headshots>153249896</headshots> <kd_ratio>0.000000</kd_ratio> </User></mani_stats> html file: <html><head><script type="text/javascript">function testclick(field){var row=field.rowIndexxmldso_list.recordset.absoluteposition=rowtd_steam_id.innerHTML=xmldso_list.recordset("steam_id")td_name.innerHTML=xmldso_list.recordset("name")td_kills.innerHTML=xmldso_list.recordset("kills")td_deaths.innerHTML=xmldso_list.recordset("deaths")td_suicides.innerHTML=xmldso_list.recordset("suicides")td_headshots.innerHTML=xmldso_list.recordset("headshots")td_kd_ratio.innerHTML=xmldso_list.recordset("kd_ratio")}</script></head><body><xml id="xmldso_list" src="stats.xml"></xml><table border="1" bgcolor="#cc3300" ><tr align="left"><th>Steam_id: </th><td id="td_steam_id"></td></tr><tr align="left"><th>Name: </th><td id="td_name"></td></tr><tr align="left"><th>Kills: </th><td id="td_kills"></td></tr><tr align="left"><th>Deaths: </th><td id="td_deaths"></td></tr><tr align="left"><th>Suicides: </th><td id="td_suicides"></td></tr><tr align="left"><th>Headshots:</th><td id="td_headshots"></td></tr><tr align="left"><th>Kd_ratio:</th><td id="td_kd_ratio"></td></tr></table><p><b>Click on one of the CDs in the list:</b></p><table datasrc="#xmldso_list" border="1"><thead><tr align="left"><th>Steam_id</th><th>Name</th><th>Kills</th><th>Deaths</th><th>Suicides</th><th>Headshots</th><th>Kd_ratio</th></tr></thead><tr align="left" onclick="testclick(this)"><td><div datafld="steam_id" /></td><td><div datafld="name" /></td><td><div datafld="kills" /></td><td><div datafld="deaths" /></td><td><div datafld="suicides" /></td><td><div datafld="headshots" /></td><td><div datafld="kd_ratio" /></td></tr></table></body></html>
  9. jojay

    normalization question

    I am using MS Access and according to my little knowledge i have, Access itself a relational database and I dont need to explicitly do the relationships. But still I always connect all the relationships and use only "Enforce Referencial Integrity". With this relationship, is it still the main table be populated first?
  10. jojay

    normalization question

    I guess I am wrong. I think it should be vice-versa. for example: tblcompany and tbljob. If tbljob is populated first with jobno as 111, then tblcompany will be populated with the jobno, and that will be as an relationship. Should I really raise this question, that is, is it neccessary to think of this at this time of implementation, or not? really confused.
  11. jojay

    normalization question

    Ok, Thanks. One more question, just clarification: Main table and subset tables. The main table is populated first, then when subset tables are populated, it links to the main table, right? If I am wrong, please correct me. thanks again.
  12. jojay

    normalization question

    Hi,I have two more tables: Managers and EmpIs the below relationship good:tblcompanycompid -pkcompnamecomplocjobno - fkindustryid -fk-----tbljobjobtitlejobno -pk-----tblindustryindustryid -pkindustry-----tblmanagermanagernamemanagerlocmanagerphonemanageremail -pk-----tblempempidemplnameempfnameempphoneempemailmanageremail - fkcompid - fk
  13. Hi,I have a question regarding normalization: I have a company table which has following fields:compidcompnamecomploccompindustrycompjobtitlecompjobnocompjobdescMy question is: should job related fields come in same company table or have a subset table for job. Please advice. thanks.
  14. jojay

    flash trial download

    Hi,Thank you. I got that problem fixed. I dont know I downloaded the full package provided from adobe website - Flash 8 Professional version(Trial), and I had to download two times, one in IE, and it didnt work, then in Firefox, which worked but somehow goes to the Flash 8 opening but nothing happens after that. Then found out that flash.exe was running in my windows task manager, and I had to kill that process, then it is working. Something weird....but worked at last.
  15. jojay

    Bind xml to html

    I dont think it should be a problem becoz i tried and it worked for me.
  16. jojay

    Bind xml to html

    In your xml document, add < tag in the first line. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> Then take out all the - in front of the CD, it should work fine. -<CD>
  17. I downloaded the trial version of Flash and it downloaded everything but not able to open. Not able to figure out what may be the problem. I even restarted my computer but no luck....
  18. jojay

    error: insert into

    If you dont get through still, then try the below code: conn.Provider="Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data" & _ "Source=c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\test\test.mdb"
  19. jojay

    error: insert into

    Where is your recordset object? shouldn't you have like this: set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")conn.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"conn.Open "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\test\test.mdb"sql = "INSERT INTO userAccount (user, password) value (" sql = sql & "'" & Request.Form("user")& "'"sql = sql & ", '" & request.Form("password") & "')"Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")rs.open sql, conn,3,3
  20. jojay

    error: insert into

    If you still get error message, try to response.write and see .below the sql statement, write the code after sql statement:response.write sql
  21. Below link also will help:http://www.w3schools.com/web/default.asp
  22. jojay

    error: insert into

    MS Access....It worked for me then what OS are you using? based on that, do a search in google. What is the error msg u r getting? Can you post the error msg?
  23. jojay

    error: insert into

    Right click on the folder where the database file is residing, then click Security tab, and give permission for Internet Guest Account - you may give (modify, read, write) or Full Control which includes all these....as you wish, and I think that should help this issue.
  24. jojay


    Hi,I am in the learning process and I am not able to apply two elements as below: <script type=text/vbscript>set xmlDoc=CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")xmlDoc.async="false"xmlDoc.load("books.xml")set nodes=xmlDoc.selectNodes[B]("/bookstore/book[price>35]/price|/book/title")[/B]for each x in nodes document.write("<xmp>") document.write(x.xml) document.write("</xmp>")next</SCRIPT> Can someone please tell how I will do this? thanks.
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